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Transparent green magic


2015 - 2017

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Farran Leafshade is an Elves mini-doll figure released in 2015. He appears in two sets.


Farran has dark brown spikey hair. Farran has a light nougat pointed ear on each side of his head. Farran has curved black eyebrows above his lime green eyes. Underneath his left eye there is a lime lighting streak tattoo. Farran's 2014 variation had him with a closed smirking mouth, while in 2016 his mouth is open showing his white teeth. Farran has two variations.

The top of Farran's torso in his first variation shows his skin. Farran wears a brown under vest underneath a warm gold net like material. The sides of his torso reveals his olive green coat. At the bottom of Farran's torso he wears a brown belt with the earth logo in the centre. Farran's arms and hands are bear. Farran wears dark green baggy trousers. His ankles are light nougat, and his shoes are earth orange.

Farran's top is still sleeveless in his second variation. The top is mostly lime, and has a lime collar. The shoulders are dark green, the right has various lime leaves on it. There is a zip going diagonally up Farran's top, it has the earth logo in copper at the top. There is a leaf design to the right of the zip. Farran wears brown baggy trousers, and dark brown and reddish brown shoes.


Farran is friends with Aira, Azari and Naida, and later befriends Emily, helping bring her home. To bring Emily home, the friends must find four keys. Farran finds the earth key with his pet squirrel in 41076 Farran & The Crystal Hollow. Farran is an earth elemental. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Farran is an earth elf - through and through. He is very grounded and has a strong bond with all earth and rock materials. Farran likes to see himself as the leader of the group, but he is really more a caring, nurturing type than captain material. He is very attached to his home and the plants he takes care of there.

Powers: Controls earth elements like soil, plants and rocks. Strengths: He is a lot stronger – both magically and personally – than he thinks, responsible, kind, reliable, helpful, giving.

Flaws: Worries too much, can’t help but collect things, doesn’t always see social patterns clearly, very cautious in potential dangerous situations, gets in fights over leadership.

Skills: He has a special bond with nature (on land), can make anything grow and thrive, can magically “talk” to plants and animals, is physically strong.

Favorite things: Nature, plants, animals, musical instruments, seeds, bags, tools.

Did you know: Farran once fell asleep watching a plant grow. When he woke up, it had grown to six times his height and lifted him to its top. He had to build a rope ladder from its vines to climb down!


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  • He is the only male mini-doll figure to have green eyes.
  • He is the only male mini-doll to be a main character.
  • He is the only male mini-doll to appear in more than one set in a wave.