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Skyra is an Elves mini-doll figure released in 2015. She is exclusive to 41078 Skyra’s Mysterious Sky Castle.


Skyra has long lavender hair, with short strands that flow in front of her shoulders. In her hair she wears a warm gold feathered themed crown. On the left and right side of her hair there's one light nougat pointed ear on each side. Her face is also light nougat. She wears another warm gold crown, but this one isn't feathered and printed on her face. She has curved black eyebrows over her medium azur eyes. Like all women mini-doll figures she has a small rounded nose. She has a closed smiling mouth decorated with nougat lipstick. Her torso is white and has warm gold details printed on it, this printing continues onto her long dress piece. Her arms are white and her hands are light nougat. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. She is the Wind Elf of the mythological five sisters that brought magic into the Elven world.

Personality: She is modest and a little sentimental because she misses her sisters. She tends to be controlled by her emotions: when she is happy, she is open and welcoming and even her castle lights up; when she is unhappy, everything shuts down and she will not listen to anyone. Because of her bond with Emily, she is willing to help the team a lot – but if she didn’t know them, she might not.

Strengths: Her magic is incredibly strong but not as strong as her mind. She can do anything she sets her mind to and is very world wise. She is modest and hides how powerful and smart she really is. A very strategic thinker, but when emotions get in her way, a darker and more wicked side will show.

Flaws: She is a bit too stubborn and if she is badly hurt, she will turn her back to the world and unintentionally seem mean (“evil”). Can be socially awkward.

Skills: She is not one to show off, but her wisdom and magic powers are incredible. She is one of the oldest elves in the world – and perhaps the strongest.

Favorite things: Golden Glow (her Pegasus), family, great heights, singing, everything white, riddles, staying at home, listening to stories.


  • She is currently the only Elves character (excluding the animal characters) to not have a known surname.
  • She is the only elf to have sleeves.