Aira Windwhistler

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Aira Windwhistler



White dress
Purple dress
2017 variant


Mechanical wings
Transparent bluish-violet magic


2015 - 2017

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Aira Windwhistler is an Elves mini-doll figure first released in 2015.


Aira has lavender shaggy hair tied in a high ponytail. The fringe at the front, is swept to the right. Each side of her hair has strands flowing down. On the side of her head Aira has light nougat pointed ears. Aira's head is also light nougat. Towards the top of her head she has long, lavender tiara. Underneath the tiara, she has curved black eyebrows over her violet eyes. Underneath her left eye she has a white tattoo. Like all female mini-doll figures she has a small rounded nose. In her 2015 version she had an open smile decorated with nougat lipstick. Her 2016 variations show her with her mouth closed. Aira has three variations.

In Aira's first variation her torso is mainly white, but the top is light nougat showing her bare skin. Aira's top has several purple and warm gold feather designs in the centre of it. At the bottom of the torso she has a medium lavender belt with the air logo. She wears a curved white skirt with a medium lavender lace at the end. Her legs are bare leading down to her lavender and white sandals.

In 41077 Aira's Pegasus Sleigh she wears a medium lilac shoulder cape.

Aira's 2016 variant shows her in a purple dress. She wears a gold necklace, with white feathers at the end. Her top is purple, with a low neckline outlined in gold. The wind logo in white sits in the front of her torso, and there's several gold drops around it. Various gold drops, lines and curves are underneath the logo as well. Aira's dress is purple, with a white lace. She wears gold sandals on her feet.


Aira is friends with Azari, Farran, and Naida, and later befriends Emily, and helps bring her home. Aira is an wind elementist, being the one of two in the Elves theme (Skyra being the other one). Aira has a pet parrot who she feeds cookies. Aira also seems to be quite creative as she can be seen making maps in 41071 Aira's Creative Workshop. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Aira the wind elf is like a breath of fresh air. She is always happy, hyperactive and charismatic. She loves to solve problems here and now, so everyone can move on, and with her great knowledge she is often able to solve technical issues. People-problems however are more complicated, and her tendency to tell the blunt truth with horrible timing is not always regarded as helpful.

Powers: Controls air and wind, but sometimes she has to be reminded of that..

Strengths: Active, quick, very good at technical problems, smart, confident, bright, encouraging, ingenious, creative and inventive.

Flaws: A bit too honest and she loves gossip. She is terribly unmusical, has no patience and is not the world’s best listener..

Skills: Controls the wind and has a special connection with flying creatures. Favorite things: Gadgets, inventions and mechanisms.

Did you know: She lives in the mountains with her bird friend Pluma.


Gallery of variants[edit]

White dressCapePurple dress2017 variant


  • She is the only mini-doll to have grey eyes.
  • Her dress mould will be exclusive to her.
  • In promotional material Aria uses white magic and has grey eyes.