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Azari Firedancer



Amber dress
2017 variant


Transparent red magic


2015, 2016

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Azari Firedancer is an Elves mini-doll figure first released in 2015.


Azari has long wavy dark red hair with prominent yellow highlights towards the end. She has a pointed ear on both sides of her hair. Azari has dark skin. Over her amber eyes she has curved black eyebrows. In the centre of her face she has a curved rounded nose. She has an open smiling mouth decorated in magenta lipstick. Around the left side of her face there's a magenta flame tattoo. On her forehead there's a printed magenta crown. In 2016 Azari's eyes and mouth, were slightly widened. Azari has three different variations.

Her torso is mostly magenta but it turns amber and dark red towards the top. It has a flame design heading towards the right side. Towards the bottom of her torso she wears an amber belt which has the fire logo in the centre. Her arms are sleeveless and bare, but on her left shoulder she has a red marking. Her dress piece is also magenta but amber towards the bottom, but the flame design heads to the left. Her legs are bare leading down to her golden sandals, the bottom of her sandals are magenta.

In 41077 Aira's Pegasus Sleigh she wears an amber shoulder cape.

Azari wears a Amber dress in her 2016 variant. She wears a magenta undergarment, with a flamed shape top. In the center of the undergarment there is the fire logo, in Amber. She wears a Amber corset over it, which is tied with string. The sides of the torso have magenta flames and swirls. Azari wears an amber flame shaped dress, with a magenta lace. Azari's sandals are magenta on the top and amber on the bottom.


Azari is friends with Aira, Farran and Naida, and later befriends Emily, and helps bring her home. To bring Emily home, the friends must find four keys. Azari finds the fire key in lava near a bakery in 41074 Azari & The Magic Bakery. Azari is a fire elemental. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Azari the fire elf is impossible to overlook. Her fun-loving personality makes her the center of attention. She is spontaneous, extroverted, loud, and always walks in front. Sometimes she can be quite irresponsible and reckless, but secretly she can sometimes get insecure of herself in a group. She always walks in front and dislikes when things are quiet and there is nothing to do.

Power: Can control fire Strengths: Brave, doesn’t carry a grudge, fun and optimistic.

Flaws: Irresponsible, afraid of heights, when she does stop to think, she often overthinks, competitive, hot tempered, and some might say she reacts too quickly..

Skills: She controls fire (as far as fire can be controlled), doesn’t get burned, has a special connection with fire animals, fears very few things.

Favorite things: Fun, friends, music, adventures, cupcakes.

Did you know: You know how your ears turn red when you get embarrassed? Azari only very rarely feels embarrassed, but when she does, her ears turn white.


Gallery of variants[edit]

Magenta dressCapeAmber dress2017 variant



  • She is the only female elf with dark skin.
  • In promotional material Azari uses yellow magic and has red eyes and a red dress.