7036 Dwarves' Mine

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Dwarves' Mine
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Dwarf King
Dwarf (3)
Troll Warriors (2)
Giant Troll (Brown)


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    Castle (2007)

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7036 Dwarves' Mine is a Castle set released in 2007.


This set contains the Dwarves' mine with a rolling mine cart, a wheel powered bucket, a catapult, 4 dwarves, and many accessories. It also comes with two troll warriors and a giant troll.


The Dwarves' mine is the main part of the set. This has a track that extends out of the back of the mine doors. The crystals are mined inside the mine. The crystals can be taken in the carts to into the refinery, which is at the front of the building. They are then loaded into the sealed bucket, and taken along the monorail bucket through the mine, and poured down the conveyor belt to be collected by the blacksmith, who makes the refined crystals into bronze hatchets, short swords and armor for the knights.

In the right tower, a large wheel-operated bucket is included to transport crystals and miners alike to different levels of the mine. There is a two-part ladder to get up to the wheel.

A heavy catapult is located on the left tower. Underneath that is the monorail system, and on the bottom floor is a hall with a large fireplace, a barrel with a turkey leg, and a log table with a gold chalice. There are rooms on every level of the wheel tower, but they are blank. The rocks outside are the same parts as those used in the Indiana Jones Temple Escape set. The Dwarf King sits on a wooden throne, with a balcony to survey the area surrounding.


The set includes six minifigures, namely the Dwarf King, four Dwarves, and two Troll Warriors. Also included is a brown Giant Troll.


The set includes several hatchets, short swords and armor for the Crown Knights. Also included are a sledgehammer, two pickaxes, two brown troll swords, a troll shield, four dwarf shields, and a giant troll club.


  • The mine itself was seen in 2854298 The Adventures of Clutch Powers.
  • Although the set was released in December 2007 for $49.99 as a special edition set, production of the set soon stopped after it's release until it got re-released as a normal set in Summer 2008, but for $59.99. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Adventure in the Dwarves' Mine!

The dwarves are working hard mining, transporting and hiding rare diamonds and gems, but can they protect their treasure from the evil troll warriors and the giant troll?

  • This special-edition set includes a rolling mine cart, a wheel powered bucket and launching catapult to fire at the attacking trolls!
  • Includes 4 dwarves, 2 troll warriors, a giant troll and lots of accessories!
  • Giant troll is 3" (8 cm) tall!

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