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Lofar the Dwarf

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Lofar the Dwarf

Castle (2007)
    The Adventures of Clutch Powers


See Dwarves


Battle Hammer, Lucky Socks


2009, 2010

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Lofar the Dwarf is a dwarf minifigure that appears in the set, 7036 Dwarves' Mine. He also makes an appearance in a LEGO movie, The Adventures of Clutch Powers.


Lofar appears in two products of LEGO, The Adventures of Clutch Powers and 7036 Dwarves' Mine. He has a torso first introduced in Vikings, short brown legs, an orange/brown beard, a head the same type as the Crown King's, and a silver winged helmet.
In the movie, he appears when the Brick-Building Team discover the Dwarves' Mine, which they think to be abandoned. Then a maroon arm is seen grabbing a battle hammer and pulling it under the door. Then when Peg Mooring comes back from following tracks, he charges at Peg, Bernie, and Brick. Brick reacts by charging at the dwarf. When they meet, Brick head-butts Lofar, then Lofar falls over and his hammer falls on him. Then he sits up and points the hammer at them. But later, when Peg says they are there to defeat Mallock the Malign, he warms up to them and helps them attack the Skeleton Tower.


Movie Appearances[edit]