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Jack Stone (semi-continuation), 4 Plus

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City, World City

City was a continuation of the Jack Stone theme. It was part of 4 Juniors for 2003, but then it moved to 4 Plus following its renaming. 4 sets were released in 2004, and the rest the previous year. Although a continuation of the Jack Stone theme, Jack only appeared in 4655 Quick Fix Station.


The City part of 4 Juniors and 4 Plus was the main part, and a continuation of the previous and successful Jack Stone line (2001-2002). It featured many of the same things, including returns of several minifigures including Jack himself. It consisted of several lines, including Construction, Police and Firefighters.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 4651  Police Motorcycle          
No image 4652  Tow Truck          
No image 4653  Dump Truck          
No image 4654  Tanker Truck          
No image 4655  Quick Fix Station          
No image 4657  Fire Squad HQ          
No image KC47  Truck Driver Key Chain          
No image KC48  Policeman Key Chain          
No image KC58  Firefighter Key Chain          
No image m034jun  2003 Mini 4 Juniors          
No image 4666  Speedy Police Car          
No image 4667  Loadin' Digger          
No image 4668  Outrigger Construction Crane          
No image 4669  Turbo-Charged Police Boat          
No image 7099  Motor          
No image 4250346  4 Juniors Police Watch Set          
No image c04de4ju  2004 Medium 4 Juniors          


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