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Crystalien Conflict/Speeder

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Speeders are a type of ground craft used by the Aliens in Crystalien Conflict. They can only be built after the war factory has been constructed, as the building is where they spawn from.


Speeders are mainly black and are shaped like a semicircle. The wings are curved like one-fourth of a circle. Protruding from the back of the fighter is a single light green fin that is flat, symmetrical and horizontal. At the tip of each wing is a blaster. Two more are also on the wings, these closer to the center of the craft. The cockpit is small and black, with two curved green spikes to hold in the pilot rather than a canopy glass.


Speeders are small hovercrafts that fly very low to the ground. They are the fastest of the alien vehicles and have been known to fly right past human turrets unscathed.

Because of how low to the ground they are, however, they are a target for both enemy infantry and aircraft. Additionally speeders have very little health; not much more than that of an alien drone.

An alien drone views the blueprints for a speeder

The weapon of the alien speeder is a single accurate laser blast; a thin beam of green energy that can be fired once every two seconds. The weapon can only be used against buildings, infantry or ground craft, however, making speeders easy targets for jetpack astronauts unless they are constantly on the move.

Game Tactics[edit]

Speeders are best used as scouts or infiltrators, penetrating the enemy defenses and destroying their complex from the inside or scouring the map for comatose aliens (which provide credits) and crates (which provide credits or vehicles).

When infiltrating a human camp, it is best to avoid confrontations with enemy fighters, especially astronauts with jetpacks. Destroying enough power plants cuts power to the defense turrets, shutting down their systems and allowing the larger and more powerful, though slower, vehicles to enter the human complex and end the fight quicker.

Speeders are also effective at destroying enemy crystal miners that stray from the human complex in search of energy crystals. If the miners are destroyed, the human money supply eventually dries up and the factories cannot create any more vehicles with which to combat your forces.


  • The speeder is the alien equivalent of the MT-31 Trike