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Jetpack Explorer

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Although this article is about an official minifigure, it never existed in physical form, or appeared in any official LEGO sets.
Jetpack Explorer

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The Jetpack Explorer is a Minifigure in the online game Crystalien Conflict. They are infantry units that hover, and can be spawned after a training camp and Technology Centre are created. They cost 600 crystals, three times as much as a standard infantry unit.


The Jetpack Explorer is simply a standard infantry unit that uses a large jetpack for transportation. They wear white space suits with orange and silver body armour, a grey belt and a gold visor. The jetpack is bulky and grey, with orange highlights and a pair of transparent blue blaster barrels.


Jetpack Explorers are perhaps the most unique of the three infantry types. They cost only 100 crystals more than the Engineer and are capable of effective infiltration, ambush baiting and widespread destruction of an enemy complex from the inside.

As they operate on jetpacks, these astronauts travel above the level of any ground unit. Because of this, a single Jetpack Explorer can take out any number of Alien drones, Saboteurs and Speeders without suffering any damage in return, as they operate out of range of ground weaponry. Also because of this factor, Jetpack Explorers do not use the infantrys' lasers, but instead wield weapons much like those on Defence Stations and Claw Tanks: they fire bolts of energy that, while not very rapid, can deliver a much heavier punch than ground units pack.

Jetpack Explorers are faster than normal astronauts and have more health. They cannot, however, be healed by an Engineer.

Game Tactics[edit]

A Jetpack Explorer during gameplay

Jetpack Explorers are provenly able to slip past an enemy base's defences cause considerable damage. While not nearly as quick as a Trike, they are just fast enough to avoid being hit by Defence Coils, allowing them to enter unscathed in most cases. They can then remain there for a long time, chipping away at any number of Alien buildings, without being harassed by a single enemy craft. When they are eventually spotted, a retreat back to base will usually attract the Alien that noticed it, who will blindly enter into the range of astronaut Defence Stations.

In packs of five, the limit for spawning, these astros can be more effective than even a Claw Tank. They can all be assigned to the same target or can spread out and destroy many, and their collective health bars are more than any other astronaut battle unit.


  • The Alien equivalent of the Jetpack Explorer is the Viper Attack.


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