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Crystalien Conflict/Viper Attack

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Viper Attack

Mars Mission


Alien Drone


Three-winged jetpack



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Viper Attacks are the Alien equivalent of the Human jetpack explorers in the game Crystalien Conflict. They cost 600 crystals to spawn. Vipers have also been produced in physical form as the wings of the Alien Mothership.


The viper attack in physical form

Vipers are Alien Drones with a three-winged jetpack and alone, they look exactly like one. Their jetpacks have three symmetrical black wings angled outward and down. Two cover the drone's shoulders and sides while the third extends over the back. A transparent light green disc caps the wings, which itself is capped in a small black disc. Twin blasters are located in between the two front most wings.


Front view during gameplay

Vipers, as jetpack troopers, fly above the range of ground units and vehicles. Additionally, the blasters they fire are not those of trikes and human soldiers, the straight laser beam that is fired once every few seconds, but instead use the blaster type mounted on larger vehicles and defense coils, the large bolts of energy that, while not as accurate as ground unit blasters, inflict more damage. This allows them to destroy ground units without any return fire. And due to their height and ability to fly over barriers, they can trade shots with any vehicle, building, or unit in the game.

Viper Attacks have been used to great extent in attacking crystal miners or slipping behind enemy lines and destroying vital buildings.

Only five viper attacks can be spawned at any time.


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