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Doc Hudson

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Doc Hudson
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Cars (Disney)



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Doc Hudson is a famous racecar, the Fabulous Hudson Hornet in Cars. After a big crash, Doc became the mayor, judge, and doctor of Radiator Springs. To date, he hasn't appeared in any System sets, but he appeared in the Duplo set, 5815 Flo's V-8 Café.


Doc Hudson, also known as the Hudson Hornet, was an old race car who lived at Radiator Springs. He didn't like Lightning McQueen at first, but later got to like him. He ended up as Lightning McQueen's crew chief in the Piston Cup Champion tie-breaker race.


In Cars, Lightning McQueen was seperated from his hauler, Mack. He them ended up in Radiator Springs. He was disliked at first, but the other cars soon took a liking to him. Doc then called Lightning's manager and Lightning competed in the race. Doc soon felt sorry, and in his Hudson Hornet livery, the gang came to see Lightning at the race and became his pit crew. After this he sadly passed away of old age. In Radiator Springs, The Doc Hudson Museum was built in his honour.

Behind the Scenes[edit]

Doc passed away in the films because his voice actor, Paul Newman, passed in 2008. That was three years before Cars 2 came out, and two years after Cars came out.


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