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For the the 1957 theme, see HO 1:87 Vehicles.
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2011, 2012 (System)
2017 (Cars 3 Juniors])


Cars 3

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Cars was a licensed theme based on the Disney franchise of the same name. The System line was introduced in 2011, after a DUPLO theme had been released the previous year. It was originally discontinued in 2012, but a new Cars 3 Juniors range of sets was introduced in 2017.


The first System Cars sets were released in May, 2011, preceded by a teaser website in February.[source?] These sets were largely based on the Cars 2 film. Several more sets were released in 2012 - while again being based on the second film, the box dropped the Cars 2 logo in favour of the original Cars logo.

A Juniors theme based on Cars 3 was introduced in 2017.


Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 8200  Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen          
No image 8201  Radiator Springs Classic Mater          
No image 8206  Tokyo Pit Stop          
No image 8423  World Grand Prix Racing Rivalry          
No image 8424  Mater's Spy Zone          
No image 8426  Escape At Sea          
No image 8484  Ultimate Build Lightning McQueen          
No image 8486  Mack's Team Truck          
No image 8487  Flo's V8 Café          
No image 8638  Spy Jet Escape          
No image 8639  Big Bentley Bust Out          
No image 8677  Ultimate Build Mater          
No image 8678  Ultimate Build Francesco          
No image 8679  Tokyo International Circuit          
No image 9478  Francesco Bernoulli          
No image 9479  Ivan Mater          
No image 9480  Finn McMissile          
No image 9481  Jeff Gorvette          
No image 9483  Agent Mater's Escape          
No image 9484  Red's Water Rescue          
No image 9485  Ultimate Race Set          
No image 9486  Oil Rig Escape          
No image 30120  Guido          
No image 30121  Grem          
No image 66386  Cars Super Pack          
No image 66387  Cars Super Pack          
No image 66409  Cars Super Pack 3 in 1          
No image Rod  "Torque" Redline Promotional Set          


See: Cars 3

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 10730  Lightning McQueen Speed Launcher          
No image 10731  Cruz Ramirez Race Simulator          
No image 10732  Guido and Luigi's Pitstop          
No image 10733  Mater's Junkyard          
No image 10742  Willy's Butte Speed Training          
No image 10743  Smokey's Garage          
No image 10744  Thunder Hollow Crazy 8 Race          
No image 10745  Florida 500 Final Race          



  • Originally, LEGO's Canadian rival Mega Blocks had the licenses to Disney/Pixar's Cars.[source?]


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