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Fan:Classic Space Minifigures

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Camotoy's Classic Space Minifigures

Classic Space



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These are all the Classic Space and Futuron astronauts who design, test, and pilot all of Camotoy's spaceships.

Classic Space[edit]

Classic Space has still been running after a long time, with new outfits for all of them but six fellas...


While Frank may just be an ordinary Ol' Red Spaceman, he deserves top spot on this for his life story. Being created by LEGO heaven (Denmark) in set 6861 X-1 Patrol Craft (Later, a redesign would be done of this), he had a very uninteresting life for 33 years (excluding a move). Being ignored for so many years, Frank had the time to become a Master Builder with Dimples. Because of this, he was offered a role in The LEGO Movie!

After The LEGO Movie, Frank headed home, preparing himself for the rest of his long life. However, because of The LEGO Movie, one teen got back into LEGO Bricks, and decided he wanted to take Frank with him to his place, where it'd be full of adventures. Later, he would so searching for other remaining Classic Space members, and form the Council of One.

Frank leads a very interesting life, with interests in photography, coffee, and Tae-Kwan-Do. He also has a blog he updates daily here. He is the leader of the Council of One, who isn't a slacker like Dimples, and isn't like Blake.

Frank continues to update his blog, drinking coffee and leading well.

White Spaceman[edit]

The most common spaceman, they show up as every kind of profession, from scientist to minor pilot. Anytime you begin Classic Space, you start as these guys until you either become a Futuron Astronaut or a Red/Blue Astronaut.

Blue Spaceman[edit]

Usually attributed as pilots, Blue Spacemen usually have come a long way. These are the ones that are allowed to run the top dogs, like the C-6861.


Drew, or Dimples as he is more commonly known, is thought to be actually older than Frank, according to research that he was in set 442 (upon which was redesigned here), but doesn't really show it. He started training soon after Frank to be a Master Builder, but he never really got the idea until soon in the present. Still, he was offered a role in The LEGO Movie with Frank.

In reality, he was not assembled, leaving him unnoticed when the teen took Frank. Luckily, though, this person was smart enough to figure Frank's home place could have more Classic Space minifigures, upon which he assembled Dimples. After another visit to Dimples, he brought him to the Place of Adventure. When Frank assembled the Council of One, Dimples was his first mate in.

Dimples loves dominoes and tea. He is a slacker, a goof-off who's mistakes are half on purpose and half on accident. But in the end, he is always loyal to his friends.


Melissa Of Oddity, or Moo as she is more commonly known, is the fourth member of the Council of One and the only female one. Hailing from Florida, after she retired temporarily from her science Space work, she worked as a cook. While on her way to a cooking convention, Moo stumbled along a glowing ball in a cave that held psychic power, which since it was magic, she was compelled to touch it. It disappeared at once, and she gained minor psychic power from it, thus gaining the Oddity surname.

However, she was not well liked, as most people thought she was a witch, therefore getting the crack on the side of her torso. Frank gave her the opportunity to join this Council of One, which she accepted.

Moo's personality consists of a kind, loving heart, but also of one that gets the job done, a personality both like and unlike Blake.

She continues to work on her power and also cook, hoping someday the glowing ball may come back.


Blake came from quite near Frank, however he is British. He had a rough life at Classic Space, people always taunting him for what he thought was no reason. He would later find out that they were jealous he was in a good condition. As a result of this, he is a strict, leader-like person who doesn't let anything get to him. Frank picked him up to the Council of One because he hated to see him bullied.

A short temper, knowledge of a lot of words, and sometimes-close-to-evil personality can always help in a situation, especially if the Council of One needs a "villain" to get in somewhere.

Currently, when he is in privacy and peace, he works on having two sides of him: A mean, mean side, and a peaceful side like Moo, who he looks to for guidance.


Completely Unknown how to get to this level, Futuron have only associated with the highest levels of Classic Space, including spacecraft, rooms, and even food.


The third member of the Council of One, Sidney is generally the guy who likes to fight - hard. Always looking for the next scratch on his torso, Sidney has helped Frank and Dimples in some ways and not in others. Hailing from the United Kingdom, although his LEGO ethnicity is Canadian. While being younger than Dimples, Sidney is actually a better Master Builder than him.

Orange Futuron Astronaut[edit]

Known as the "Daredevil Futuronauts" by Classic Space, Orange Futuron Astronauts seem to be associated with risky items, such as piloting guns on spacecraft.

Red Futuron Astronaut[edit]

The Red Futuron Astronaut's love is science. They proceed with challenging tasks and finish them.

White Futuron Astronaut[edit]

White Futuron Astronauts carry out general tasks in Futuron areas.



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