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Fan:Gunner's Destiny

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Gunner's Destiny
Gunner's Destiny.jpg

a Clone Gunner


Clone Gunner Commander Jedi


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Gunner's Destiny is a Clone Gunner Commander Jedi set featuring a Clone Gunner.


After running away from the Republic and the death of his best friend, Tri-Star, Clone wandered the surface of the world that he and his now deceased friend had fled to. While wandering through one of the planets many thick jungles he came across a strange monument, a message was etched into the stone, "Clone, I know how you feel right now, really I do, but you need to discover your destiny, just like I did, and as you will. Take the lightsaber and Jedi robes, and leave this world. The universe is full of new friends for you to make, and enemies. Now go brave Clone Gunner, live your destiny!" Clone then took the robes and lightsaber, and vowed that one day he'd be the leader of the most spectacular Clone squadron ever!

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