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Fan:Hedge Guy

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Hedge Guy
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[[User:Clone gunner commander jedi|Clone gunner commander jedi]]

[[Category:Customs by Clone gunner commander jedi]]

Hedge Guy is a super hero made by Clone gunner commander jedi.


The Gamer became Hedge Guy when he was inspired in his garden. As a child he designed numerous costumes but didn't have the materials to make them, as an adult he is now Hedge Guy with his best friend and sidekick Hedge Boy as they take on their arch enemy Blanco. He, through the use of many gadgets has the means to control nature and how fast stuff grows.

Designer's Notes[edit]

  • This is an old custom that I rediscovered recently, not sure I should have even posted it on here, yes it is that bad.
  • This is one of the few of my customs that is older than Clone Gunner Commander Jedi.
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