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This article is about the theme. For other meanings, see Firefighter (Disambugation).

Firefighters is not an official theme in its own right. It is, however, one of the recurring organizations that is featured in LEGO Town and City, as well as several other related themes and subthemes.


The familiar flame-logo

The first LEGO System sets involving firefighters were released in 1978. These sets (except 374 Fire Station) already featured the familiar firefighters-logo with the red, orange and yellow flames that constantly reappeared throughout the years. Until 1988, there was at least one set released in every year. Beginning in 1991, all sets with firefighters were released as part of Town's subthemes (save 1656 Evacuation Team in 1991, which wasn't widely available either).

After City Center's discontinuation in 2000, there would be no new firefighter sets until 2004, when they were released as part of World City. Currently, firefighters are a part of the City theme.

All vehicles and buildings have red as their main colour except the fire engines used on airports (6440 Jetport Fire Squad, 7891 Airport Firetruck) or rocket launch pads (6614 Launch Evac 1), which also used airport and space agency logos respectively, instead of the established firefighter logo.

Vehicles and Facilities[edit]


Fire engines[edit]

Turntable Ladder (TL)

374 Fire Station, 6382 Fire Station, 6385 Fire House-I, 6571 Flame Fighters, 6554 Blaze Brigade,6478 Fire Station, 7240 Fire Station and 7208 Fire Station included TLs. 6464 Super Rescue Complex included a tractor drawn aerial.

Hydraulic Platform (HP)
Airport Crash Tender


6389 Fire Control Center, 6571 Flame Fighters, 6554 Blaze Brigade and 6478 Fire Station included helicopters.




Other vehicles[edit]

Simple cars
Pickup trucks
Jeeps, Vans, 4WD

All sets under Building included simple cars or jeeps as well.

Set list[edit]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 1248  Fire Boat          
No image 1294  Fire Helicopter          
No image 1656  Evacuation Team          
No image 1702  Fire Fighter 4 x 4          
No image 20002  4x4 Fire Truck          
No image 30001  Fireman's Car          
No image 305  Fire Engine          
No image 308  Fire Station          
No image 4900  Fire Helicopter          
No image 4914  Fire Chief's Car          
No image 4938  Fire 4x4          
No image 4992  Fire Boat          
No image 5532  Fire Car          
No image 556  Emergency Van          
No image 570  Fire House          
No image 60002  Fire Truck          
No image 60004  Fire Headquarters          
No image 602  Fire Chief's Car          
No image 620  Fireman's Car          
No image 6307  Firemen          
No image 6340  Hook & Ladder          
No image 6358  Snorkel Squad          
No image 6366  Fire & Rescue Squad          
No image 6385  Fire House-I          
No image 6389  Fire Control Center          
No image 640  Fire Truck and Trailer          
No image 6440  Jetport Fire Squad          
No image 6480  Hook and Ladder Truck          
No image 6505  Fire Chief's Car          
No image 6571  Flame Fighters          
No image 65777  City Fire Value Pack          
No image 65799  City Fire Value Pack          
No image 6602  Fire Unit 1          
No image 6611  Fire Chief's Car          
No image 6612  Fire Chief's Car          
No image 6621  Fire Truck          
No image 66247  Emergency Services Value Pack          
No image 6643  Fire Chief's Truck          
No image 6657  Fire Patrol Copter          
No image 6685  Fire Copter 1          
No image 672  Fire Engine          
No image 7046  Fire Command Craft          
No image 7206  Fire Helicopter          
No image 7207  Fire Boat          
No image 7238  Fire Helicopter          
No image 7239  Fire Truck          
No image 7240  Fire Station          
No image 7241  Fire Car          
No image 7266  Fireman          
No image 7891  Airport Firetruck          
No image 7906  Fireboat          
No image 7942  Off-Road Fire Rescue          
No image 7944  Fire Hovercraft          
No image 7945  Fire Station          

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