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Forrest Blackwell

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Forrest Blackwell
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Forrest Blackwell is one of the characters in the video game LEGO City Undercover and the video game LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins. Although previously was assumed that Rex Fury was the main antagonist,[1] he is the hidden true main antagonist of LEGO City Undercover and a minor antagonist of LEGO City Undercover: The Chase Begins.


Forrest Blackwell was a famous billionaire in LEGO City, owner of Blackwell Enterprises. In 2010, he had attempted to build a large apartment complex in the Bluebell Woods. However, a rare breed of squirrels was discovered in the forest, and Blackwell's plans were halted. Blackwell had already spent billions of studs on building the Blackwell Bridge. This angered Blackwell, so he hired Rex Fury and Carl Walnuts and their gang to destroy Blackwell's own mine and the nearby temple. Fury coordinated a breakout in which he broke out Smokey Fuentes, Von Kruchman, Flash Johnson, and Carl Walnuts. Fuentes was tasked with stopping construction on the bridge, to prevent access to Von Kruchman's base on Jethro Hayes' farm and the forest where Walnuts and Blackwell were operating. However, construction on the bridge resumed and both Fuentes and Von Kruchman were arrested, allowing McCain to access the island. Walnuts' gang had attempted to blow up the mine, but Chase McCain had defused the explosives. Todd Greywacke, the mine foreman, congratulated McCain and introduced him to a nervous Blackwell. Blackwell introduces himself to McCain for the first time, noting that he is the owner of Blackwell Enterprises. McCain wonders why Blackwell would be in the area, noting that there isn't much scope for property development in the forest, as it is a protected zone. McCain continuously defeats Walnuts' gang, defusing multiple explosives and freeing rare squirrels. However, one of Walnuts' gang members, Buzzsaw, tries to get away, but is arrested. McCain questions him, and he tells McCain about where Walnuts is meeting up with "some bigwig from LEGO City". McCain follows Walnuts around until the meeting with Blackwell, where McCain learns about explosives being planted at the temple. Blackwell planned to give Walnuts one of his Blackwell Mechs (a reference to 8957 Mine Mech). Blackwell had planned on destroying the temple for the site of his apartment complex, but McCain defused the bomb and Walnuts escaped back to the mine. Annoyed, Walnuts steals a Blackwell Mech and duels McCain, destroying McCain's mech, only to have his mech destroyed as well. Rex Fury later kidnaps Natalia Kowalski and leaves her on top of the framework of the incomplete Blackwell Tower. Blackwell is not seen again until LEGO City Undercover, where McCain, undercover as a limo driver in Chan Chuang's gang, picks up Blackwell from Blackwell Tower, and has to avoid paparazzi to safely deliver Blackwell to a theatre in Bright Lights Plaza. McCain, after stealing a moon buggy for Chan Chuang, is alerted by Marion Dunby that Blackwell had been kidnapped by a gang of angry farmers/environmental activists, who were still angry at him for attempting to build the complex. McCain rescues Blackwell and introduces himself, and pretends not to have met him before (in an attempt to deter Blackwell from recalling him as the limo driver, McCain pretends not to have met him before - however, he actually does not recall having met Blackwell before earlier that day, despite Blackwell recalling him from two years earlier). Blackwell has a long chat with McCain, discussing McCain's arrest of Rex Fury. However, McCain never knew that Blackwell was the man that had hired Carl Walnuts, but Blackwell, still being Fury's boss, speaks to him about Rex Fury's arrest. Blackwell foreshadows events to come, before arriving at the police station. McCain later robs Blackwell's mansion with Moe De Luca for Moe's cousin, Vinnie Pappalardo. Blackwell's security team, the Sentinels, chase McCain to no avail. Later on into the game, McCain, undercover in Rex Fury's gang, is alerted by Eddie JoJo that the telescope they are stealing is for "the old man" - Blackwell. McCain delivers the telescope to Rex Fury's secret base in Bluebell National Park, only to overhear more conversations between Fury and Blackwell. McCain does not yet know that Blackwell is actually the true mastermind behind many of Rex Fury's crimes, and proceeds through Fury's base, arresting many Fury gang members, and Ben Sharples and Jonlan Regnix. McCain overhears another conversation, this time between Fury and Natalia's father, Henrik Kowalski, who had been kidnapped by Fury. Kowalski realises that Blackwell was actually a criminal, and that his research he had been conducting for Blackwell had gone towards an unspecified project. Upon hearing this, McCain immediately realises that Blackwell was the mastermind behind everything, and rescues Kowalski. They escape in a spacecraft, and then break into Blackwell's mansion. McCain again encounters many Sentinels, but McCain arrests them all and then enters the main room of the mansion. He sees the Bell Pepper Emerald, an object he had previously stolen for Vinnie Pappalardo. Upon shining light through the crystal from an angle, a secret mechanism is activated and reveals a model for a large spacecraft - shaped like Blackwell Tower, which was also the project in which Kowalski's research was utilised. McCain immediately realises that Blackwell Tower is the rocket, and alerts Ellie Phillips to immediately evacuate everyone from the area, and realises that Blackwell's conference was really a trap to kill everyone within a ten block radius. McCain and Frank Honey then have to drive to Kowalski's lab in Auburn, to obtain forcefield prototypes to stop the rocket from incinerating everyone. The plan works, but Blackwell escapes with Natalia and Fury on-board. McCain then has to follow Blackwell onto the moon, and is put on a space shuttle. Once on the moon, McCain once again encounters Sharples, but McCain still makes it to the centre of the moon base and uses a Blackwell Mech to activate a mechanism to cause the rocket to return to the city. Blackwell then begins to tell his story to McCain, but he cannot persuade McCain. Blackwell, angered by this, orders Fury to stop McCain, using a T-Rex robot that McCain had also stolen earlier. Fury fails, and Blackwell causes the rocket to self-destruct, destroying everything but the capsule. Blackwell fires Fury, and attempts to kill McCain with the detonation, but both survive and continue their fist fight. Blackwell continues talking to the two of them, constantly being interrupted by Brantford Cubbery. Upon Fury's defeat, Blackwell states that he will have his revenge, and is then hit by a stray cow. He is never seen again.

Gallery of Variants[edit]

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Forrest Blackwell Casual.png
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Suit Casual Space Tuxedo


  • Like Frank Honey, Forrest Blackwell pronounces "computer" as "compuper".
  • According to LEGO City Undercover, he owns the 10211 Grand Emporium. [source?]
  • He possibly hinted a sequel given that he said he will have his revenge on Chase McCain.
  • As Chase was fighting Rex Fury, Blackwell stated once he rebuild his empire that he will destroy LEGO City. Before he said that, he made his rocket in the city so that as it was about to take off would fry everything and everyone (thus making this a hint). Unfortunately, for him however, that was thwarted by Chase and Henrik Kowalski.
  • In preliminary versions, he lacked his monocle and had no space suit variant, which was his casual variant instead.
  • Given that his insignia is a large letter "B", he is evil, and he went into space, he may have a relation to the Blacktron theme.
    • His last name "Blackwell", also sounds similar to "Blacktron".
  • Forrest Blackwell's tuxedo is Indiana Jones's tuxedo from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.




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