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  • Master of Water
  • Uniter of Water
  • Kanohi Kaukau
  • Kanohi Kaukau Nuva
  • Hooks
  • Aqua Axes
  • Propellers
  • Jets
  • Nynrah Ghostblaster
  • Double headed axe
  • Elemental Blade Spear

2001, 2002, 2008, 2015, 2016

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Gali is a Toa of Water and a member of the Toa Nuva, originally Toa Mata, in the BIONICLE lore. She wears the Kanohi Kaukau as her primary mask, which grants her the ability to breath underwater. Gali is the only female member of her team. Sets depicting Gali were released in 2001, 2002, and 2008 and was once again in 2015 when the line was reintroduced.


The first Gali model used bright blue primarily on the torso, feet, and weapons while Medium Blue was used on the limbs. Her mask is transparent blue and has a visor, though the mask is thick enough that little more than her yellow eyes are visible through it. Gali has a fair of hooks for weapons which will swing when a gear on her back is rotated.

As an upgraded Toa Nuva, Gali's colourscheme remains consistent, though her mask is now solid blue and she now has thick silver armour and shoulderpads. Her arms and legs are replaced by a newer piece which is sleeker and wider than previous. The mask of water breathing is enlarged, has its visor removed and replaced with eye holes, and is given a more organic look as it becomes the Kaukau Nuva. Gali's hooks are replaced by axes which double as fins, and she is also given propellers on the bottom of her hands.

Mistika Gali uses a totally different build introduced two years before the set's release with more articulation. Both of her classic shades of blue are dropped in favour of the darker earth blue and silver is used much less sparingly. She has a stubby neck and a large, sleek mask with wings, an eyepiece, and an emphasized chin. Her only weapon is a Nynrah Ghostblaster with a targeting piece.

In 2015, Gali returns to using a brighter shade of blue, either medium or dark azur with titanium metallic being used on her chest, forearms, lower legs, and feet. transparent light blue used for accents and either white or silver for her hands and shoulder pads. Her mask has a low brow with a long chin, slanted eyes, and sleek curves on the top and sides of her mask, a design choice comparable to her mask's appearance in BIONICLE: The Game and Mask of Light. As a weapon, Gali carries a single, double-headed battle axe with spikes on the bottom. This build relies on the newer CCBS, which was introduced in Hero Factory 2.0.



Gali is the Toa Mata of Water. After the Great Spirit Mata Nui is put to sleep by the Makuta, Gali and her brothers are dispatched via Toa canisters. However, due to a malfunction they drift in the endless sea for a thousand years while the Matoran and Turaga of the island of Mata Nui wait for their arrival so that they may be liberated from the Makuta. After being summoned by the Matoran Takua, Gali's canister arrives in Ga-Wahi and she awakens with a case of amnesia, only knowing her name and that she controls the element of water.

As Gali explores the island, she meets four other Toa: Tahu, Onua, and Lewa. From them, Gali learns that they must each collect five Kanohi masks of power before they can challenge the Makuta and reawaken Mata Nui. Soon after, the four Toa are joined by another two: Kopaka and Pohatu. Four of the Toa decide that it would be best for them to work together towards their common goal, but Kopaka and Lewa prefer to work alone. As Gali and the others converse, the Makuta conjures a storm to intimidate the Toa and they decide to work alone.

Gali finds a Kanohi Pakari, a mask of strength

Gali begins her quest by visiting Ga-Koro, the village of water, and meeting with Turaga Nokama and the Ga-Matoran. After retrieving her Miru, the mask of levitation, from the top of a mountain, Gali uses it to safely return to the ground as the mountain begins to crumble. However, she lands among a group of Nui-Jaga and Tarakava under the influence of Makuta. Though she is joined by Tahu in battling the Rahi, Gali is knocked unconscious after a punch from a Tarakava and receives a vision of Wairuha and Akamai who inform her that they will be coming soon. Gali then rejoins Tahu, who tells her that the Toa are arranging another meeting.

Their congress is once again interrupted by Makuta. However, the Toa are able to stand their ground to surmount his obstacles and defeat his Rahi. This time they agree that the best course of action is teamwork. Working with Kopaka and Onua, the three each use a Kaukau, a mask of water breathing, that they have collected (or, in Gali's case, arrived on the island wearing) to reach a mask of Tahu's. The trio fight a Tarakava, and realize that when they remove the creature's rusty mask it becomes more peaceful. Gali later uses this new information when a Ga-Matoran named Macku informs her that Ga-Koro has been attacked by a Tarakava and that Nokama and the villagers are trapped in a submerged hut. While Takua is able to rescue the Turaga and Matoran from the hut, Gali fights the Rahi and is able to remove its mask and save her people.

Returning to the other Toa, Gali reprimands Tahu when he ignites a tree to retrieve a mask in it because of the damage it could have done to the eco-system.

After collecting all of their masks, Gali and the other Toa Mata journey to the Kini-Nui at the center of the island where they exchange them for golden Kanohi, single masks which have the power of six. As the Toa prepare to confront Makuta, Takua, Macku, and five other Matoran arrive in a company and pledge to defend them from Rahi attacks as they descend. Before she leaves, Gali privately speaks to Takua and creates a mental link with him so that he, as the chronicler, can record what happens to the Toa.

Akamai, the Toa Kaita formed from Gali, Kopaka, and Lewa

Underground, the Toa are attacked by the Manas and easily defeated. Gali recalls her vision of Wairuha and Akamai. When the Toa focus on their unity, they merge into one of the two Toa Kaita: Gali, Kopaka, and Lewa become Wairuha while Tahu, Onua, and Pohatu transform into Akamai. The Toa Kaita defeat the Manas and continue onwards toward Makuta's lair. However, they are forced to separate back into their six component Toa as they near. At this point, Gali's link with Takua also breaks and she urges the Matoran to come and find them if he is to chronicle their tale. After confronting versions of themselves made out of shadow, Gali and the other Toa at last confront Makuta, who appears to them as a rusted Matoran. After taunting the Toa that it is their duty to protect them, the Matoran transforms into a swirling vortex of tentacles and attacks the Toa. They are able to defeat him by striking their nemesis with all of their powers at once. As the Makuta vanishes, the Toa are one by one teleported back up to the surface. Gali begins to search for Takua, who had been covered by rubble when Makuta was defeated, but she is unable to find him before being removed from the lair.

The Toa finds themselves at Kini-Nui, and find that the ground is shaking. They are then warned of the Bohrok by the Ta-Matoran Kapura, but he is so shocked he is unable to relate any other information. Using their mask powers, the Toa quickly travel to Ta-Koro where they find the village under attack by rotund insectoid creatures. Gali combines her powers with Lewa to create a thunderstorm and the Bohrok are scattered. Turaga Vakama tells the Toa Mata more about the Bohrok and tasks them with collecting the creatures' Krana brains.

Gali, Pohatu, Onua, and Kopaka set a trap for a swarm of Tahnok. They flood a canyon and Gali dives into the waters to collect the stunned Bohrok's Krana, but they use their heat powers to make the water's temperature rise. Pohatu worries about Gali and prepares to go in after her when she rises with the Krana. The Toa then leave the area as the Bohrok begin to recuperate.

When they later muster a full collection of Krana, Gali and the other Toa descend into the Bohrok nests. There they discover the Exo-Toa and don the armour for a confrontation with the queens of the swarms, the Bahrag. Tahu notices that the armour inhibits their abilities to control the elements, so at his bequest Gali and the others shed the Exo-Toa. They then strike the Bahrag with a unified blast of elemental energy and the twin queens disappear. The nest then begins to collapse, and the Toa fall into vats of energized protodermis. Gali rises from the mysterious substance and finds that her golden Kanohi has been replaced with a more potent version of her Kaukau with similar changes to her armour and weapons. The other Toa experience similar changes and their mastery of their elements also grow. However, they do not have time to experiment in the crumbling lair and hastily find that they can now share Kanohi powers. With Tahu using his shielding, Lewa his levitation, and Pohatu his speed, they are able to escape unharmed.

Gali transformed into a Toa Nuva

Outside of the nest, the Toa rebrand themselves the Toa Nuva and experiment with their new powers. However, Tahu and Kopaka are neither able to outpace the other and Gali forces them to stop their mock battle when she fears it will get out of hand. The Toa then decide that they should now be able to protect their territory without help from the others, and disband, to Gali's chagrin.

Gali returns to Ga-Koro where the villages inhabitants show her that her power is now so extensive that it cannot be contained in solely her body, and a Nuva Symbol has appeared to help house it. Gali's warnings of continuing to stick together prove true when sentient Bohrok called Bohrok-Kal steal the Toa Nuva's Nuva Symbols and therefore cut off their access to elemental control.

The Toa band together again in hunt of the Bohrok-Kal and eventually encounter the creatures. The Kal explain that it is their purpose to find and free the Bahrag so that the Bohrok swarms can be reactivated and cleanse Mata Nui. The Toa Nuva attempt to oppose their adversaries even without their power, but they are easily defeated. They decide to hastily search for more Kanohi Nuva before the Bohrok-Kal can find the Bahrag.

During her new mission, Gali is frustrated that she cannot control a tidal wave. A Ga-Matoran named Hahli spies her trying to do so, and warns Nokama. After Gali fails to master the wave, Nokama takes Gali to a tunnel where a Kakama Nuva (new mask of speed) is hidden. Nokama then locks Gali in the cave so that she can learn patience while she tries to find the mask and then a way out. A carving on the walls shows a group of six other Toa and Gali realizes that one bears a resemblance to Turaga Nokama. Gali is attacked by a giant squid as she finds the Kakama Nuva, but uses its power to vibrate her molecules and escape. Finding Nokama on the beach, Gali asks her about the strange Toa, but Nokama says that she is only a Turaga.

As the Bohrok-Kal home in on their queens, Gali and the Toa Nuva follow them through the remains of the Bohrok nest. They find the Kal in battle with the Exo-Toa, but the Bohrok-Kal easily defeat the suits. With the Kal's victory nearly at hand, Tahu summons the Mask of Time and tries to use it to slow down the Kal. Though he is successful, a force field forms around the insectoids and the Toa are unable to touch them. Gali suggests willingly feeding their energy to the Bohrok-Kal through their Nuva Symbols and they are so supercharged with powers that they destroy and defeat themselves. With the Bahrag secure in their prison, the Toa Nuva have their powers returned to them and hide the Nuva Symbols to avoid a repeat experience.

The Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light

The Turaga proclaim that with the threats of Makuta, the Rahi, the Bohrok, and the Bohrok-Kal vanquished, a time of peace has fallen upon the island of Mata Nui and commission a Kolhii tournament between the six villages. The Ga-Koro team of Hahli and Macku advances to the championship in Ta-Koro, which Gali, Tahu, and Pohatu attend as honourable guests. When the Ga-Matoran emerge victorious, Pohatu congratulates Gali on her villagers' achievement, but Tahu is bitter. As Vakama congratulates all of the Matoran who participated on the match, Gali and the rest of the stadium witness a golden Kanohi mask fall out of Takua's backpack and shine a light onto Jaller. Nokama uses her mask to translate the archaic language inscribed inside of the mask and decrees that it is the Kanohi Avohkii, the Mask of Light, and that it belongs to a seventh Toa.

Gali decides to mediate on this revelation and leaves for Kini-Nui. While there, she sees that a seventh Spirit Star (stars that signal a Toa's existence) has appeared in the sky. Then three Rahkshi emerge from the entrance to Makuta's lair and attack Gali. She escapes by submerging into a nearby river. Realizing that the Rahkshi are headed for Ta-Koro, Gali rushes back to the village to warn its denizens. Gali warns the Ta-Koro guard and then instructs Hahli to help the other Matoran escape before Gali and Tahu find themselves battling the serpentine beings. The Toa are overwhelmed and are forced to abandon the village, allowing it to sink into the lake of lava which had sustained it for so long.

Gali and Tahu follow the Rahkshi, hoping to stop them before they make it to Po-Koro. Guurahk fights with Gali and nearly defeats her, but Lewa joins the fray and rescues the Toa of Water. The Rahkshi trigger an avalanche and bury the three Toa. Though they survive thanks to Tahu's mask of shielding and are able to help Kopaka face the combined might of six Rahkshi. Joining with Pohatu and Onua in Onu-Koro, the Toa are again unsuccessful in stopping the Rahkshi and matters are made worse when they believe that Pohatu and Onua perish, and Tahu falls under the influence of Kurahk's anger. He lunges at Gali, but is frozen in place by Kopaka. She directs Kopaka and Lewa in assisting her with healing Tahu, and they are successful though it drains Gali and she requires some time to rest. Afterwards, she regroups with Tahu, Kopaka, and Lewa on their Rahkshi hunt and they arrive at Kini-Nui to defend Takua and Jaller from the Rahkshi as they search for the seventh Toa. Pohatu and Onua shortly thereafter arrive, too, and the Toa are successfully able to defeat the Rahkshi, though it comes at the price of Jaller's life. In his friend's death, Takua realizes that he has been trying to run from his duty and places the Avohkii on his face, transforming him into a Toa and revealing his true element as not fire, but light. Renaming himself Takanuva, he and the Toa Nuva construct a vehicle from the remains of the Rahkshi. Placing the Kraata in it to guide him, he intends to ride alone to Makuta's lair and confront him.

Gali and the other Toa as well as the six Turaga wait for the return of Takanuva, but instead Hahli emerges from the entrance to their enemy's lair. Hahli carries a message from Takanuva and requests that the Toa Nuva and Turaga follow her so that they can awaken Mata Nui once Takanuva defeats Makuta. Gali and the others witness the end of Takanuva and Makuta's battle as they fall into a pool of energized protodermis and merge into a single being, Takutanuva. Takutanuva siphons off some of Makuta's life force to resurrect Jaller and opens a gate to Metru Nui before he splits back into Takanuva and Makuta, the latter of which seems to be destroyed.

With the rediscovery of Metru Nui, the Turaga tell the Toa and Matoran the forgotten tales of the past on Metru Nui, including how the six Turaga were once Toa themselves (the ones Gali had seen in the carving) and had brought the Matoran to the island of Mata Nui after Makuta erased their memories and destroyed the city. As the Matoran and Turaga return, Takanuva and the Toa Nuva accompany them and are introduced to Turaga Dume and the Rahaga. They assist in defending and rebuilding the city until Turaga Dume shares the horrifying revelation with them that Mata Nui is not only asleep, but also dying.


Dalu, one of the deformed Matoran who live on Voya Nui

Gali and the five other Toa Nuva leave Takanuva behind to defend Metru Nui as they leave for the island of Voya Nui to find the Kanohi Ignika, Mask of Life, so that they can save Mata Nui. After arriving on the island, the Toa Nuva are defeated by the Piraka, have their masks and weapons stolen, and are left to die. They manage to escape and find a group of Matoran. However, they are also attacked by the villagers and a Ga-Matoran named Dalu uses her twin chargers to enhance Gali's senses, driving her mad. Gali runs into the wilderness where she is healed by Axonn and returned to her teammates, who have convinced the Matoran they are allies. They plan a raid on the Piraka Stronghold to retrieve their masks and tools and nearly succeed, but all twelve of them are defeated by a single blow from Brutaka. The Piraka imprison Gali and the other Toa in a chamber which inhibits her elemental abilities, though the Matoran are able to escape. The Matoran later return, having found another team of six Toa allies to liberate Gali and her brothers. Upon meeting the Toa Inika, six Matoran from Metru Nui, including Hahli and Jaller, who came to rescue their heroes and were empowered into Toa during the perilous journey.

While the Toa Inika continue on their own destiny to find the Mask of Life, Gali and the Toa Nuva are informed of the existence of a secret society dedicated to doing Mata Nui's will called the Order of Mata Nui and are given a list created by the Great Beings of things which must be done before Mata Nui is reawakened. Gali decides to keep a record of the Toa Nuva's adventures, which Tahu and Kopaka make fun of, but Pohatu and Onua support. The list calls the Toa to return to the now desolate island of Mata Nui to release the Bohrok and free the Bahrag.

The Toa then set off to track down an artifact called the Staff of Arthaka and, after confronting The Shadowed One over its location, meet Roodaka and force her to revert the Rahaga back into the Toa Hagah. They also learn that the staff is in the possession of another Makuta, named Icarax, and they travel to the realm of Karzahni to battle him. Icarax defeats all of the Toa except for Gali, and she unleashes a devastating water Nova Blast, destroying the entire area, though she is able to protect the other Toa Nuva by sharing her mask of water breathing's power with them. However, Icarax escapes with the staff.

Rather than continue to hunt for the staff, the Toa decide to split up to quickly complete the list. Gali returns to Mata Nui once again so she can use the telescope in Ta-Wahi to note the position of the Red Star, but when she uses her Akaku Nuva (new mask of X-ray vision), she realizes that the star has beings living inside of it. Botar then takes Gali to the Order of Mata Nui's headquarters on Daxia where she and the other Toa Nuva are united so they can see the Staff of Arthaka (which had been recovered by Brutaka and Botar) repair the damage that was done to the Matoran Universe when Mata Nui was put to sleep. Gali and the others are then summoned to the island of Arthaka where its ruler, a being of the same name, grants them with adaptive armour and sends them to Karda Nui to reawaken Mata Nui at long last.

Gali's mask, body, and tools are adapted for the swamps of Karda Nui

As they arrive in Karda Nui, the armour gives all of the Toa the ability to fly. They Toa realize that the cavern has been invaded by the Brotherhood of Makuta already and split up into two smaller teams. Kopaka, Pohatu, and Lewa (dubbed Toa Phantoka by the local Av-Matoran) protect the villagers at the top of the cavern, while Gali, Tahu, and Onua (called the Toa Mistika by the same Matoran) head for the swamps below to search for the Ignika, which had fallen into Karda Nui after Toa Matoro had used it to resuscitate the Great Spirit.

While in the swamp, the Mistika separate further to cover more ground. After finding a Keystone on a vine, Gali is attacked by Makuta Gorast. A chase ensues and Gali is caught in an ambush. Onua rescues her and they begin to search for Tahu. The three Toa are surrounded by three Makuta, but the villains are distracted when a fourth Makuta falls from the sky and they rush to rescue him. An Av-Matoran signals to the Toa and brings them to a group of dying Av-Matoran. The Toa realize that they are transforming into Bohrok and are horrified. As the Matoran who brought them there begins to transform, he gifts the Toa with another Keystone.

Realizing that the Makuta possess a third Keystone, Gali, Tahu, and Onua attempt to steal it, but are caught. While the Makuta are distracted, Gali creates a fog and Onua digs a tunnel so that they can escape with the Keystone. The Makuta believe that the Toa are headed for the Codrex and prepare to defend it from them. Realizing that that is where the Makuta have gone, Gali, Tahu, and Onua launch an attack on them there. The battle escalates when the Makuta and Toa who had been fighting above head to the swamps.

During the battle, Krika leads Gali away from the others and shows her mercy. He tries to convince her not to awaken Mata Nui because it will only make things worse. Gali does not listen, and the Makuta is forced to retreat when a hulking black and white being arrives and forces him away. Despite having a different appearance, Gali realizes the newcomer is Takanuva and they are joined by Pohatu as they head back towards the battle. The three of them are attacked by Niazesk, and Takanuva reveals that he now has some power over shadow when he uses it to defeat the creatures. Gali and Pohatu are shocked, and the latter threatens the Toa with his Midak Skyblaster, accusing him to be the Makuta who they faced on Mata Nui (who they now know is named Teridax) in disguise. Despite the risk, Gali creates a mental link with Takanuva and realizes that he is telling the truth and his new powers are because he had been attacked by a Shadow Leech meant for Ahkmou.

Makuta Krika tries to warn Gali not to awaken Mata Nui

As Gali, Pohatu, and Takanuva return to their friends and enemies in battle, the "Toa of Twilight's" presence is able to quickly turn the tide and the Makuta retreat. A Toa body that the Ignika had created for itself warns the Toa that if they cannot complete their destiny before he finishes his countdown, all life in the universe would cease to exist. Takanuva also adds that when they succeed, an energy storm will ravage Karda Nui.

The Toa battle with the Makuta once again, but by using the Keystones they are able to safely escape into the Codrex. They realize that this was the place where the Toa Mata's canisters had been held before they were summoned to save Mata Nui and where they will reawaken him. They also discover three vehicles waiting for them, one of which is hijacked by Makuta Antroz, who had secretly followed them inside. While Kopaka, Pohatu, and Lewa give chase to Antroz and Takanuva searches for a way to cure himself and the Matoran who have had their light drained and then evacuate the villagers, Gali, Tahu, and Onua try to find how to save Mata Nui, but realize that the conventional method would take too long. They convince the Mask of Life to sacrifice his body to awaken the Great Spirit, and the energy storms begin. Using their vehicles to escape, the Toa Nuva and Takanuva leave Karda Nui, but the Makuta are left behind and destroyed.

Returning to Metru Nui, the Toa find their allies defending the city against a last ditch effort and use their vehicles to defeat the invaders. They then join in the celebrations, but Teridax' voice interrupts them to reveal that before Matoran used the Mask of Life, his disembodied spirit had possessed Mata Nui's body, a giant robot of which the Matoran Universe is inside, and that Mata Nui's mind had been placed into the Kanohi Ignika and blasted into deep space.

Reign of Shadows[edit]

Another invasion force of Rahkshi then strikes the Metru Nui, and Gali and many of the city's inhabitants flee into the Onu-Metru Archives. There they meet an old ally of the Toa Metru, an intelligent Rahi named Krahka, who helps the Toa escape to Stelt. While there, they decide to split up again so that they can find other Toa from across the universe and cause trouble for the Makuta as he becomes accustomed to his new power. Gali, however, returns to Metru Nui. She is contacted three by her allies. First, Takanuva requests that she send Nuparu to Destral, and Tahu later asks her to find out anything she can on the Great Beings. The third time, Gali receives word from Tahu to head south where most of the Rahkshi are collecting, hoping that every Toa who gets the message will be able to arrive and destroy the "sons of Makuta".

When Gali and the others arrive south, they follow the Rahkshi and some Skakdi outside of Makuta's body and emerge on the barren desert planet where the Ignika had landed. Mata Nui had found another, though significantly smaller, giant robot and is brawling with Makuta. While the rebels from the Matoran Universe join with the native Glatorian and Agori in resisting the invasion, Gali finds Pohatu and together they defeat half a legion of Skakdi. Using the Golden Armour given to him by the Ignika, Tahu is able to obliterate the massive hordes of Rahkshi and Mata Nui kills Makuta. Using the last bit of his robot's power, Mata Nui completes his destiny and melds the desert of Bara Magna, the jungle of Bota Magna, and the "endless sea" of Aqua Magna into the planet of Spherus Magna. His spirit retreats into the Ignika, and he bids that the Matoran Universe inhabitants build a new society with the Glatorian and Agori and requests that they find the Great Beings.

Spherus Magna[edit]

Gali and the other Toa of Water (Hahli, Gaaki, etc.) return to the remains of the Matoran Universe to help the aquatic inhabitants of the robot migrate to Spherus Magna, though she soon leaves this job so that she can help the Matoran and Agori become accustomed to living together. She, Tahu, and Onua select Orde, Chiara, and Zaria to search for the Great Beings with the Glatorian Gelu as their guide. Gali and Tahu also scout out a site to found the city of New Atero before failing and returning to camp. During this excursion, they saw Toa Lesovikk and after talking with Kopaka and Pohatu, realize that he may be responsible for the murder of the tyrant named Karzahni. Though Tahu and Gali are unable to search for Lesovikk, Kopaka and Pohatu head off to.




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Toa MataToa NuvaMistikaMaster of WaterUniter of Water biography[edit]

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Toa Mata

Gali is the only female Toa and incredibly wise-perhaps wiser than all the other five Toa put together. The villagers of Ga-Koro are incredibly loyal to Gali and believe she is the sustainer of life. But if she gets angry, look out -- tidal waves and rainstorms flood the island! Gali is the most agile and gymnastic of the six Toa. She has incredible jumping abilities and her own brand of acrobatic self-defense. The only things that can slow her down are excessive heat and drought. Gali is at home both in and near the waters of Lake Naho. She swims quickly through the waterfalls that plunge down into the icy water, using her two hooked arms to grab onto rocks and cliffs. She works in harmony with the waters, which help to protect her in times of danger.

Toa Nuva

Fast as ever, despite her almost impregnable armor, Gali Nuva, the Spirit of Water, is equipped to move almost as quickly as Lewa Nuva. Two axes allow her to smash rocks out of the way or quickly climb sheer rock faces -- and when in her natural element, water, the axes turn into propellers to shoot her along at tremendous speed.


Gali, Toa Nuva of Water, can start or stop floods and tidal waves or lash an opponent with fierce rainstorms. She is a strong swimmer and can survive at great depths for a long time.

Master of Water

Gali is friendly and peaceful. But when the situation calls for it, she can be as fierce as a raging ocean. She finds injustice intolerable and always goes out of her way to help the ones who need it. Gali’s mellow ways have made her the most liked among the heroes. She is generous, a good listener and friend. Only one little thing: she just can’t seem to tell a joke right!

  • Primary Color: Blue
  • Element: Water
  • Favorite environment: Oceans, streams and lakes
  • Masks: Mask of Water and Golden Mask of Water
  • Powers: Water control and the ability to out-swim any known creature.
  • Primary weapon: Elemental Trident
  • Secondary weapon: Shark Fins and Power Harpoon (the Elemental Trident can split into these)
  • Signature moves: Tidal Charge & Wavestorm
  • Key traits: Friendly, generous and fierce.


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