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  • Toa Mata
  • Toa Nuva
  • Phantoka
  • Master of Ice
  • Uniter of Ice
  • Kanohi Akaku
  • Kanohi Akaku Nuva
  • Sword
  • Shield
  • Blizard Blade
  • Wings
  • Midak Skyblaster with bayonet
  • Spear
  • Elemental blade of ice

2001, 2002, 2008, 2015, 2016

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Kopaka is one of the main characters in BIONICLE. He was released as a set in 2001, 2002, 2008, 2015, and 2016.


As with the other Toa, Kopaka slept for many years in a Toa canister before it was washed up on the island of Mata Nui. He was also sent to find the remaining Kanohi masks of Power, and to, in part, awaken Mata Nui. During his travels on the island, he eventually met up with the other five Toa—Tahu, Gali, Lewa, Onua, and Pohatu. Since their meeting, Tahu and Kopaka shared an immediate dislike for each other, perhaps due to their opposite powers, or Kopaka tendency to work alone. But when the Toa united, they stopped Makuta's Rahi, and saved the island.

The peace was short-lived. After the threat of the Rahi was taken care of, the Bohrok swarms—prematurely awoken by Makuta—began to plague the island of Mata Nui. Kopaka and the others, working together, managed to stop the swarms, and so were transformed into the Toa Nuva. Kopaka's ability of X-ray was now able to be shared with all of the Toa; one of the characteristics of the Kanohi Nuva. When peace came, Kopaka returned to his village. But once again, the peace was brief. Makuta released the Bohrok-Kal, and then the Rahkshi.

The Toa finally won out, and migrated to the similar, older island of Metru-Nui. Once there, Kopaka and the others learned the truth: Mata Nui was dying. The only thing that could save him was the Kanohi Mask of life. They left for Voya Nui to retrieve the mask, but were defeated by the loathsome Piraka. Kopaka, Tahu, and the others were carried up to the volcano to die, but managed to escape in an earthquake. Once the Toa Inika came to finish the task of retrieving the mask, the Toa left to try awaken to spirit themselves. With newer armour granted to them by a being named Artakha, they set of to the core of the universe: Karda Nui.

Kopaka was one of the Phantoka, along with Lewa and Pohatu. The Phantoka and the Mistika discovered the Codrex, a building of great power. It was encased by a powerful forcefield, and could only be accessed if six keystones were found. The Toa found the aforementioned keystones, and saved Mata Nui.

Mata Nui awoke, possessed by Makuta's spirit. He got control of the BIONICLE Universe, and only was defeated by the BIONICLE Stars at Bara Magna.



Gallery of variants[edit]

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Toa MataToa NuvaPhantokaMaster of IceUniter of Ice biography[edit]

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Toa Mata

Kopaka is cool, calculating and methodical in his actions. His long ice blade cuts and melts ice; one skillful swipe can cause avalanches or instantly freeze anything it touches. It is believed that Kopaka brings the winters, and the long cold nights...and it is known that his power strikes a balance against the fiery presence of Tahu.

Kopaka prefers to work alone. He is the least communicative of the Toa, and will only join forces with the others if it's absolutely necessary for his own survival.

Kopaka is most at home skiing up and down the slopes of Mount Ihu with blazing speed and unmatched skill.

Toa Nuva

His new power has, if anything, [made] Kopaka Nuva even colder and more remote than the mountain upon which he lives. His ice blade can be split in two to form power ice skates that let him rip through the ice and snow. He wears Akaku Nuva, using its power to keep watch on all of Ko-wahi from the top of Mount Ihu.


Unlike some of the other Toa Nuva, Kopaka has changed very little. He still prefers to fight alone, given the opportunity, though he knows it’s not a wise tactic against the Makuta. He is not at all happy about going into battle with Solek, feeling that exposing Matoran to danger is the last thing a responsible Toa should do. He and Tahu have settled many of their differences and Kopaka now fills the role of deputy leader of the team.

Master of Ice

Kopaka is noble and reserved. Upholding his own strict moral code he strives to be perfect and always “do the right thing”. A fact that often makes him appear formal and even cold in the eyes of others. Luckily Kopaka’s clumsiness and his not too solid direction sense help the other heroes remember that, after all, Kopaka is just a Toa like them.

  • Primary Color: White
  • Element: Ice
  • Favorite environment: Glaciers and tundra
  • Masks: Mask of Ice and Golden Mask of Ice
  • Powers: Freezing touch and resistance to cold.
  • Primary weapon: Frost Shield that can split to become powerful Avalanche Skis.
  • Secondary weapon: Ice Spear.
  • Signature moves: Ice Lance & Frost Sphere
  • Key traits: Reserved, righteous and steady,

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