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Governor Broadside

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Governor Broadside
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1989, 1998 - 1999, 2009, 2011

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Governor Broadside is the Imperial Governor of the Imperial Soldiers in the Pirates theme. He was appointed by the King to try and stop the pirates that served under Captain Redbeard. He is distinguished from the other Imperials by his black with white trim bicorne and his jacket, which has a more elaborate look to it than that of the others.

It is unclear what happened to Governor Broadside after the Imperial Guards took over from the Imperial Soldiers in protecting the seas from the Pirates.

A character with his name and his rough face (actually the Imperial Governor) appears in LEGO Racers. He also appears in 4850307 LEGO Battles, as the main antagonist of the Pirates. Broadside, again in the form of the Imperial Governor, appears as the main hero in the Pirates storyline of the video game LEGO Chess.


Governor Broadside wears a black hat with white trim printing and a yellow feather. He has a yellow head with a black mustache and stubble and sideburns. He has yellow epaulets and a white torso with blue arms, and printing of a blue jacket with gold trim and golden buttons. He also has plain white legs.



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