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Imperial Guards

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This article is about the faction beginning in 1992. For the faction from 1989-1991 and 2014, see Imperial Soldiers
For the Star Wars minifigures, see Imperial Royal Guard

Imperial Guards
Release years:

1992 - 1994, 2009

Main theme:


Concurrent factions:

Pirates (faction), Islanders

Imperial Guards were a faction of the Pirates theme. With their introduction in 1992, they gradually replaced the Imperial Soldiers as main adversaries of the pirates. The older Imperial Soldiers' sets that continued in production were then considered part of the Imperial Guards faction in the catalogue until their discontinuation at the end of 1993. It can be suggested that the Guards and Soldiers were not actually different factions, rather the Guards was just an update to the anti-pirates side.

The faction was succeeded by the Imperial Armada in 1996, but finally made a comeback when the Pirates line was relaunched in 2009.


The soldiers of the Imperial Guard fend off one of Captain Redbeard's attacks on their trading post.

The Imperial Guards were essentially the same as the Imperial Soldiers, the only main difference being the color of their livery and uniforms. Instead of the Soldiers' traditional blue jacket with red or gold epaulets, the Imperial Guards wore a red jacket with blue or gold epaulets. The blue epaulets are worn by normal soldiers, and the gold are worn by officers. Their flag also saw a change to a red and white horizontal striped flag with a crown and crossed cannons in the center, in contrast to the Soldiers' blue flag with a large white cross that divided it into four small blue fields at each of the corners with black fleurs-de-lis on them and with a crown and crossed cannons in the centre. The Imperial Guards were based off of the British of the colonial era, particularly the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, while the Imperial Soldiers were supposed to represent the French.

Along with these new good guys came a much larger base, 6277 Imperial Trading Post, in lieu of the 6276 Eldorado Fortress. But once again, they were outmatched on the open sea, because their new ship, 6271 Imperial Flagship (replacing the 6274 Caribbean Clipper), was still only half the size of the Pirate's 6285 Black Seas Barracuda, which was succeeded in 1993 by the even bigger 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner. This changed in 2010, with the release of the new Imperial Flagship, the largest LEGO ship ever released.

The Imperial Guards took over the mission the Imperial Soldiers had started. They fought the Pirates and protected the seas from Captain Redbeard, but they were more concerned with the merchant side of events, as their main fort was a trading post.

The 1992 Canadian television advertisement introducing the Imperial Guards depicted a narrative where the 6271 Imperial Flagship successfully attacks the 6273 Rock Island Refuge to rescue a trapped (blue) Imperial Soldiers trooper. In the 1993 Canadian TV advert, played to the tune of a rap jingle, the cannons of the 6277 Imperial Trading Post destroy the newly introduced pirate ships, the 6286 Skull's Eye Schooner and 6268 Renegade Runner.


Some Imperial Guards from 2009.

In the 2009 sets, they reappear again in a slightly visually updated version, as the Minifigures are seen wearing red jackets with blue epaulets, but the Admiral is seen wearing a dark blue jacket with red epaulets (or gold epaulets in the Imperial Flagship). Also, the troopers wear shakos printed with golden badges and now have bearded faces. The faction is now simply referred to as Soldiers in the set names.

The soldiers now have a new dedicated military building at their disposal, in contrast to the more civilian trading post from 1992. At first they only had small boats, but the exclusive set 10210 Imperial Flagship was later released for them, and it is double hulled with three masts. At 1664 pieces it is by far the largest ship in the Pirates theme to date.

The Imperial flagship is the only larger sized ship of the Imperial Guard.
The new fort from 2009.



Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
1723-1.jpg 1723  Castle/Pirate Combo Pack  67  2     1994 
1795 Imperial Cannon.jpg 1795  Imperial Cannon  33  1     1996 
1872.jpg 1872  Soldiers Forge  28  2     1994 
6247 Bounty Boat.jpg 6247  Bounty Boat  33  3   $4.75  1992 
6263 Imperial Outpost.jpg 6263  Imperial Outpost  211  4   $27.99  1995 
6266 Cannon Cove.jpg 6266  Cannon Cove  101  3     1993 
6271 Imperial Flagship.jpg 6271  Imperial Flagship  317  Pirate

Admiral Woodhouse

Imperial Guard x2  
$49.99  1992 
Trading post.jpg 6277  Imperial Trading Post  592  9   $86.99  1992 

2008-2009 sets[edit]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
6239-b.jpg 6239  Cannon Battle  45  PirateImperial Soldier   $5.99 / €5.99  2009 (First sold in 2008) 
6242-1.jpg 6242  Soldiers' Fort  367  Captain Brickbeard


Soldier (3)  
$49.99 / €49.99  2009 
8396-1.jpg 8396  Soldier's Arsenal  17  Imperial Guard   $3.49 / €2.99  December 28, 2008 
Pirates Imperial Flagship.png 10210  Imperial Flagship  1664  AdmiralGovernor's DaughterCaptain BrickbeardCookLieutenantImperial Guard (Four)   $179.99 / €149.99  January 4, 2010 (US and UK) 
Appearances in sets dominated by pirates
Appearances in sets dominated by pirates (2008-2009)

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