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Hogar the Troll

Castle (2007)
    The Adventures of Clutch Powers



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Hogar the Troll is a troll who appeared in the movie The Adventures of Clutch Powers. He is similar to the Giant Trolls from Castle sets, but wears a different helmet. Unlike other trolls, he is a protagonist.


Hogar the Troll is a Giant Troll. He is the only troll who fights for good instead of evil, the reason being because he was helped by King Revet, the King of the Kingdom of Ashlar. After the king sacrificed himself to save the Kingdom by imprisoning the evil Mallock the Malign, Hogar swore to protect the King's son, Prince Varen, and to not let the evil forces of Mallock invade the Kingdom.


Hogar built a wall that camouflaged the Kingdom to buy time, but it would only keep them safe for a while. The time to fight drew nearer and nearer. During this wait, Clutch Powers and his Brick-Building Team arrived in the kingdom, offering help. The help was accepted. It would be needed since the prince was not very good in combat.


Hogar met Clutch on a bridge escaping from Skelly and Bones. Hogar first appeared menacing, telling him he would only let him cross the bridge if he could pass three tests: and would eat him if he failed. The three tests were: building a new bridge, answering a mathematical trick question involving building a spiral staircase out of LEGO bricks, and answering a riddle. When Skelly and Bones approached after Clutch passed all three successfully, he temporarily swallowed him and brought him to safety behind his camouflage wall. There he introduced him to Prince Varen and the Gold Sword, the only weapon that could defeat Mallock in the hands of Varen, who is apparently a very bad swordsman. Clutch and the rest of his team soon come to an agreement with the knights of Prince Varen, and they plan an attack on Mallock's castle.

During the Battle, Clutch and the prince unsuccessfully confronted Mallock, resulting in them being captured. Hogar blamed himself for letting that happen, but soon the rest of the Brick-Building team put their differences, of which they often argued, aside, and staged a desperate rescue mission. They succeeded in so, and the Prince defeated the evil Mallock. Mallock was put back into prison, the Brick-Building team returned to LEGO city, and Hogar stayed with the Prince.


Behind the Scenes[edit]

Hogar's voice is provided by Richard Doyle in the movie. He is an American actor, and provides his voice in numerous Video Games, films, and animations.

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