Into the Outlands

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Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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"Into the Outlands"

Legends of Chima: The Animated Series

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20 minutes


Legends of Chima

"Into the Outlands" is the first episode in the second season of Legends of Chima: The Animated Series, and the 21st episode of the series as a whole.



The episode begins with a voice over from Lagravis, slowly describing the first season, and its primary conflicts. He explains how the Lions, Eagles, Gorillas and (occasionally) Rhinos fought against the cunning, conniving crocs, Wolves and Ravens, all because of a misunderstanding and a mistake, and how the CHI falls had stopped flowing, and now, Chima was in grave danger, and all the tribes needed to work together to win.

After the voice over, it's revealed that the main protagonists (Laval, Eris, Gorzan, Rogon, Bladvic, and more recently, Cragger, Worriz and Razar) are standing by the Outlands creek. While all the heroes are saying their farewells to their tribes, Skinnet arrives, and gives Laval a bag of mysterious green vials. The eight then find that Rogon has brought a Rhino truck against Laval's orders to travel light. They eventually agree a heavy vehicle would be useful, and head out into the Outlands.

Almost immediately, they encounter large, carnivorous plants. They fight some off, but are almost overwhelmed - until Laval throws one of Skinnet's vials, filled with Skinnets trademark stink, which drive the plants away. They then continue on Speedorz - until they are surrounded by plants and run out of stink. They are now in the fight for their lives, and are rapidly losing to the plants - until Rogon's truck rolls over the plants and destroys them. They the cheer for Rogon - only to discover that he's not driving the truck, for the second time. They continue in the truck, and notice that Rogon's not driving it, yet again.

Soon, they have bigger problems to deal with, as they are swarmed by bats. They fight for a while, before deciding to flee. They continue through the Outlands, until they find an speedor track, which systematically knocks out every bat, until the heroes reach are large, armoured base, where they are promptly captured by a large claw. Soon, a lion arrives and greets them. He feeds the crocodile legend beast cupcakes, and speaks with his prisoners, before letting them down. They then enter his base, where the lion - Lavertus - speaks in a strange manner to Cragger.

While this is happening, Laval and Lavertus speak, after sampling his delicious snacks. They discover that Lavertus knows the positions of many Legend Beasts, and Laval grows angry that Lavertus hasn't tried to save them, and save Chima. Lavertus reveals that he was an exile, and that he shouldn't help Chima, because it abandoned him. Lavertus agrees to give them a place to stay, but won't help them with their mission. After the heroes fall asleep, he enters a locked room full of Golden CHI, and gives a strange smile.

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  • While Crunket and Crominus were trying to escape the gorge, Scorm and some other scorpions' teeth were near their eye brows until they were lower.
  • When everyone is talking to Lavertus, Laval is without his shoulder pads in one shot.
  • During Lavertus' taunts of Cragger while the others are sleeping, Cragger is briefly seen in his Outlands armour.


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