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List of references to LEGO in media

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This is a list of references to LEGO is media such as films and television shows.



Avengers: Age of Ultron[edit]

  • Thor accidentally steps on a house made out of DUPLO bricks at Hawkeye's house.



  • The three main characters attempt to use their telekinetic powers to manipulate LEGO bricks.
  • In the store the main characters visit, several 2011 Ninjago sets can be seen, as well as the 3181 Passenger Plane.


  • Buddy builds the New York skyline out of LEGO.

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids[edit]

  • The kids sleep in a blue LEGO brick when they are shrunk and in the grass.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island[edit]

  • When Alexander asks the group what they thought the city (Atlantis) which they were in was named, Gabato replies "LEGOLAND?".

Spider-Man: Homecoming[edit]

  • At school, Ned shows Peter an Emperor Palpatine minifigure, and asks him if he wants to build his the 3803 piece Death Star set that he just got. Peter says that he can't as he has the Stark internship. Later, Peter sneaks into his room at home in his Spider-Man suit, then takes off his mask. A shocked Ned, who Peter didn't realise was in his room, drops the completed Death Star set that he was holding. Towards the end of the film, Peter is seen finishing a rebuild of the set with Ned.

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams[edit]

Time Bandits[edit]

  • While Kevin is in Evil's fortress, giant LEGO bricks can be seen in the background.

Toy Story 3[edit]

  • In Sunnyside Daycare, several LEGO minifigures are shown in the background. The LEGO group also have produced sets based upon the film.
  • Buzz sits in a DUPLO chair when he is being interrogated.
  • In the short "Hawaiian Vacation", LEGO minifigures are seen unpacking Bonnie's backpack.
  • In the DVD or Blu-Ray menu screens, LEGO bricks (or DUPLO bricks) can be seen.

The Smurfs[edit]

  • LEGO sets can be seen in the toy store scenes.

Maid in Manhattan[edit]


87th Academy Awards[edit]

LEGO Oscars at the 87th Academy Awards.
  • The song Everything Is Awesome was performed at the 2015 Academy Awards, with LEGO Oscars designed by Nathan Sawaya being given out to several attendees during the performance. The song was also nominated for Best Original Song.

Arrested Development[edit]

  • LEGOLAND is mentioned many times in the second season, and Gene Parmesean is seen wearing a LEGOLAND T-Shirt.

The Big Bang Theory[edit]

  • In the episode "The Plimpton Stimulation", Howard asks Leonard if he was up all night "making another stop-motion LEGO movie", and stated that "it's not enough to make the LEGOs move, they also have to capture your heart."
  • In the episode "The Zarnecki Incursion", when the guys depart to Carlsbad, California to confront the hacker who hacked Sheldon's World of Warcraft account, they debate whether to go to Sea World or LEGOLAND afterward.
  • In the episode "The Isolation Permutation", Sheldon tells Leonard and Howard how he was forced to spend a night consoling Amy instead of other tasks he had designated for the night. One of the tasks he mentioned was building his LEGO Death Star, referring to it as his "LEGO funtime". In the same episode, Sheldon is later seen building the 10143 Death Star II.
  • In the episode "The Weekend Vortex", Sheldon mentions LEGO as one of the options for the group's Star Wars marathon.
  • In the episode "The Launch Acceleration", Sheldon suggests that one thing that he and Amy could do on their date night is going to a midnight sale at the LEGO Store.
  • In the episode "The 43 Peculiarity", Howard says it took Sheldon two years to finish his LEGO Death Star.
  • In the episode "The Mommy Observation", Sheldon is seen building the set 6386 Police Command Base after he was sent to his room by his mother in his mother's house.
  • In the episode "The Relationship Diremption", Sheldon leaves Stephen Hawking several phone messages, in one of them he asks him if he's seen The LEGO Movie yet.
  • In the episode "The Status Quo Combustion", Sheldon says he does not want to go to LEGOLAND because of all the hype for The LEGO Movie.
  • In the episode "The Celebration Experimentation", Raj gives lists who he thinks are the best portrayals of Batman that have appeared in films and television series, with the LEGO Batman coming in third. Later in the episode, Adam West shares his own version of the list, with the LEGO Batman coming in fourth.
  • In "The Solder Excursion Diversion", in the lab Leonard asks Howard when the last time was that they built something together. Howard replies that they built LEGO together in his room the previous week, with Leonard saying that if there was "a Nobel Prize for 'Millennium Falcons that fall apart when you pick them up', we’d be set."
  • In "The Viewing Party Combustion", Sheldon acknowledges that Penny can manipulate him to her "dirty work" by agreeing to take him to the LEGO Store.

Breaking Bad[edit]

  • In the episode "Abiquiu", Andrea tells Brock to go to his room to play with his LEGO bricks.

Cash Cab (US)[edit]

  • In the episode "Make It Rain", the question "On the Internet, Brickipedia is a collaborative user-generated resource for die-hard fans of what Danish construction toy?" was asked, with the contestant answering "LEGOs".

Citizen Khan[edit]

  • In Episode 1, Amjad builds a model of the mosque out of LEGO so he "can work out where everything goes". Mr Khan pushes it off the table.

Corner Gas[edit]

Curb Your Enthusiasm[edit]

Content may not be suitable for younger viewers
  • In the episode "Vehicular Fellatio", Leon says he and Larry are like LEGO. (Clip)

Doctor Who[edit]

Even Stevens[edit]

  • In one episode Louis Stevens is shown to have constructed all six Toa Nuva.

Family Guy[edit]

  • In the episode "The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou", Peter tries to explain to Lois how LEGO is different from Mega Bloks. Soon after, Peter plays with LEGO bricks with Kyle, a kid who had been bullying Chris at school.

The Flash[edit]

Top: The model Caitlin and Cisco built of the future scenario where Savitar killed Iris.
Bottom: Cisco and Ralph inside the model after they were shrunk.
  • In the episode "Dead or Alive", Caitlin and Cisco built a LEGO model of the scenario Barry and Cisco saw in the future where Savitar killed Iris. Savitar is represented by a robot, Barry by a red astronaut and Iris by Andrea.
  • In the episode "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash", when Cisco and Ralph were shrunk by Sylbert Rundine's metahuman shrinking powers, Iris put them inside their model of the scenario of Savitar killing Iris after they protested to being put into a hamster cage.


Full House[edit]

  • In the episode "The Hole in the Wall Gang", Joey states that he once built a house, then jokes "I would've built the garage, but I ran out of Legos".
  • While waiting for her date in "All Stood Up," Stephanie built the New York City skyline out of Michelle's DUPLO blocks before she realized that he was not coming.


  • In the 13 episode of season 2, "Bender Gets Mad", before the group started the meeting, Hermes shouted, "Where on LEGOLAND is Leela?"
  • In the first episode of season 5, "Rebirth", Fry is playing with a LEGO model of himself and his comatose lover Leela.
  • In the film Benders Game, A LEGO man is driving a LEGO spaceship in the Space Demolition Derby and he crashes into an erector ship, causing both of them to smash into pieces.

How I Met Your Mother[edit]

  • In a flashback during the episode "How Lily Stole Christmas", Lily tells Ted that all she wanted as a kid was an Easy-Bake oven, but instead her mom gave her a LEGO set becuase she did not want Lily "conforming to traditional gender roles".
  • LEGO appears in the flashback in the episode "Columns".

I'm Alan Partridge[edit]

  • In the episode "Never Say Alan Again", a caller, Roy, responds to the question "Which celebrity would you like to spend a Bank Holiday with and what would you do" with "I'd like to go round LEGOLAND with Sean Connery and then afterwards we'd go for a lovely lamb lunch in the centre of Windsor."

The Inbetweeners[edit]

Content may not be suitable for younger viewers
  • In "Will's Birthday", Neil asks the others "how much LEGO could you stuff up your bum" when they were children. He says he could get "a rectangular one and a long one, a couple of singles maybe".

Inside No 9[edit]

  • In Episode 1, Sardines, Geraldine says that Rachel's dress was the same colour as her hip when she "fell up some steps at LEGOLAND".

James May's Toy Stories[edit]

  • In James May's LEGO House James May built a full-sized two-story house from 3.3 million LEGO bricks in a vineyard of the Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Surrey. The house was later dismantled, as the space was needed for wine-making and the house lacked planning permission, and the bricks were taken to Legoland Windsor for use as part of an annual building event.

Johnny Test[edit]

  • In the episode "Johnny and the Mega Roboticles", there is a toyline called Roboticles which is a parody of BIONICLE.
  • In the episode "Papa Johnny", when Dad says "Did you clean your room, Johnny?", (and the part where Dad falls out of the window in Johnny's room) you can see a pile of LEGO bricks inside Johnny's room.

Luke Cage[edit]

  • A drawing of Jay Walker in his ZX suit can be seen on a wall. [1]

Malcolm in the Middle[edit]

  • Dewey is seen builing a LEGO city in the livingroom.
  • Dewey is later seen playing with 8533 Gali and 8534 Tahu from BIONICLE at the mall.


  • In the episode "Crescent City (Part II)", which served as the second and final backdoor pilot episode for NCIS: New Orleans, it is revealed that Christopher Lasalle makes LEGO sculptures, a hobby he first picked up when building them for kids at a children's hospital, and has built models of the Superdome and Preservation Hall. At the end of the episode, Meredith Brody agrees to join the New Orleans team on one condition: getting her own LEGO sculpture. Lasalle then gives Brody a LEGO fleur-de-lis.

NCIS: Los Angeles[edit]

  • In the episode "The Only Easy Day", Callen says to Sam "I bet you were really good at LEGOs as a kid" as Sam is cleaning his rifle.
  • In the episode "Full Throttle", Nate tells Callen "My dad and I never really worked on cars. He was more of a LEGO guy."
  • In the episode "In the Line of Duty", Eric says that a virtual crime scene created by a 3D evidence printer is "like the world's greatest LEGO set".
  • In the episode "Kulinda", Anna asks Callen to go out with her on the weekend in Carlsbad. When Callen asks her what's in Carlsbad, she replies "LEGOLAND and an outlet mall". LEGOLAND is later mentioned several times throughout the episode.

The Office (U.S. version)[edit]

  • In the episode "Ultimatum" Andy, Dwight, and Darrel enter a bookstore, in the background a LEGO aisle in the toy section is seen; also towards the front of the store a box of Collectable Minifigures is shown.

Only Fools and Horses[edit]

  • In the second series episode, "A Touch of Glass", Del Boy calls Nelson Mandela House a "LEGO set built by the council".


  • In season 5, episode 10 "Extradition II: The Actual Extradition Part" Shawn, when explaining how he feels to Jules, talks about how Minifigures always get mixed up and all the bricks get thrown together and jumbled until it's impossible to find the part you are looking for.

Red Dwarf[edit]

  • In season 2, episode 2 "Better Than Life" Lister tells Rimmer that he waits for a family member of his to die just so he can finish his LEGO set.


  • Jacob is seen playing with LEGO bricks in some scenes.

Saturday Night Live[edit]

  • The Christmas special hosted by Adam Sandler featured a song; one of the lines was "Gnip Gnop and LEGO blocks are what I desire"

The Simpsons[edit]

  • In the twelfth series episode Hungry Hungry Homer, the Simpsons visit Blockoland, a LEGOLAND parody.
  • In one episode, Smithers came into Mr. Burns' office and told him the power he gave to Legoland turned all the rides into monsters.
  • In the episode "Eight Misbehavin'", the forks in the furniture store are made of LEGO. [source?]
  • The episode "Brick Like Me" takes place in a world entirely built out of LEGO.

South Park[edit]

  • In the episode You're Getting Old, Stan gets a LEGO City set from Butters. It appears to be 7635 4WD with Horse Trailer.
    The LEGO set behind a Terrance and Philip birthday cake
  • In the episode Douche and a Danish, the trolls make up a story about LEGO supporting ISIS, ruining Denmark's reputation and forcing them to leave social media.


Lisa holding 7135 Takanuva in Victor's bedroom.
  • In episode 46, "Victor Ha," Lisa found 7135 Takanuva hidden in Victor's room while she was snooping. He denied that the figure belonged to him, until Lisa explained that she was also a BIONICLE fan and Takanuva was her favourite character. References to the Shadow Leeches and the 2008 Mistika arc were made in a later scene where Victor admitted to his new stepparents that he had been lying about his interests.


  • In the episode "Solitude", when Cat Grant asks for her editors to give her suggestions for stories to run in newspaper, the first editor responds by saying that the National City Men's Chorus is organising a LEGO drive.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles[edit]

  • In the episode "To The Lighthouse", a Terminator has downloaded the entire BIONICLE storyline into his knowledge files and builds Mount Valmai out of System parts. He is seen playing with Solek and the Toa Mistika sets from 2008, and explains to a girl who wants to join in with her toy ducks that they do not exist on Voya Nui. Despite his persistence to the BIONICLE storyline, he makes several storyline errors, like saying the Dark Hunters want the Ignika when the Piraka, who were after the mask, deserted before going on the search. (Watch the scene here.)

The Thick of It[edit]

Content may not be suitable for younger viewers
  • In the first episode of series three, Malcolm says to a colleague "What's wrong with you? You look like you've s**t a LEGO garage."
  • In the second episode of series four, Malcolm tries to get Ollie to join his side by using an analogy:
    • What’s that film you love? The one about the space hairdresser and the cowboy. He’s got a tin foil pal and a pedal bin. His father’s a robot and he’s f***ing f***ed his sister- they’re made of LEGO. They’re all made of f***ing LEGO!”
    • "Star Wars?”
    • “That’s the one.”


  • In the pilot episode, grey LEGO bricks and a minifigure can be seen in Jake's room.

University Challenge[edit]

  • On the 2 August 2010 episode, York vs Royal College of Music, one of the starter questions was an "unusual depiction of a well known British band", with 10 points for naming the band. The picture was of Blur from LEGO Rock Band. The bonus questions were three more images from LEGO Rock Band, Iggy Pop, David Bowie and Queen.
  • On the 29 November 2012 episode, University of Warwick vs University of Aberdeen, one starter question was to name the film based on the scene recreated in LEGO. The three subsequent bonus questions required naming the film and the author of the book it was based on, much to host Jeremy Paxman's dismay, who said "Three more scenes from famous films recreated in LEGO – Lord knows why".

Toy Story That Time Forgot[edit]

  • LEGO bricks are seen scattered over the floor of Mason's bedroom.

Toy Story of Terror![edit]

  • When the toys are put in a cabinet by a man attempting to sell them online, they meet a number of other toys also trapped, including LEGO Bunny. LEGO Bunny rebuilds itself into a set of stairs so that the toys can get close to the door to try and open it, and later when the toys finally escape, into a ladder for them to climb down.

Veronica Mars[edit]

  • In The Wrath of Con, one of the clips shown during Lilly's memorial ceremony is one of a young Lilly driving a LEGOLAND car.

That's So Raven[edit]

A few Bionicle Toa canisters appear behind Corey in an episode.

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide[edit]

Cookie's glasses have a Bionicle arm piece attached to hold an extra lens.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth[edit]

  • In the book, Greg remembered that he used to keep some LEGO bricks at Gammie's house, except she glued all of the pieces together.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Cabin Fever[edit]

  • In the book, toys are banned in school and on the toy black market, a LEGO brick sells for 50 cents.

The Staff of Serapis[edit]

  • As Annabeth and Sadie watch Sobek constructing his lighthouse, bricks coming together to form an arch are likened to LEGO.

The Titan's Curse[edit]

  • In the third installment of the Percy Jackson & The Olympians Series, The Titan's Curse, Percy and his friends travel to San Francisco to rescue Annabeth and Artemis from the Titans. At one point, they went to the house where Annabeth's family lived and recognized that the robots her half-brothers were playing with were made out of LEGO bricks.

The Western Heritage, 10th edition[edit]

  • There is an article near the end of this history book about how LEGO has changed the world and is proof that a company does not have to be from America to be a world leader.

What If?[edit]

  • One entry in the book answers/discusses how many LEGO bricks would be required to build a bridge capable of carrying traffic from New York to London, as well as if that number has been currently manufactured. The excerpt can be found at

Big Nate: Strikes Again![edit]

  • Nate says that the time before he did the special project on Louisiana, Mrs. Godfrey gave him a lousy grade because he built his replica of the Colosseum out of Legos.


  • Griffin is mentioned to have a lifetime supply of LEGO in some drawers.

House of Robots: Robots Go Wild![edit]

  • Jacob Gorski has an EV3RSTORM robot.

Zeke Meeks vs. the Horrifying TV-Turnoff Week[edit]

When the TV-Turnoff week was over, Zeke made a cool sword out of LEGOs.

Too Many Toys[edit]

One of the toys that were in the book were LEGO bricks.

Super Schnoz and the Gates of Smell[edit]

A LEGO Construction Club was one of the after-school clubs for the kindergartners and first graders.

The Tapper Twins Go to War (with each other)[edit]

After Claudia killed all of Reese's MetaWorld army (and Reese), she describes the army as being totally fake and looking like LEGOs.


Baby Blues[edit]

These ran from 7/17/12-7/20/12
  • Four LEGO-related strips ran from July 17-July 20, 2012.

Doctor Who[edit]

  • In Sky Jacks, after Clara Oswald and The Doctor are separated, Clara guesses he may be in the LEGO room of the TARDIS, where The Doctor keeps his LEGO collection.

Doghouse Diaries[edit]

  • Comic 577 features one of the characters planning to prepare his kid for the real world by having him separate a stack of LEGO plates, something notoriously difficult to do in many fans' opinions.


  • The December 6, 2009 strip features "LEGO" in its overly-long string of puns.
  • In the June 12, 2011 strip, Jason builds a large LEGO brick out of regular LEGO bricks.
  • In the May 8, 2016 strip "Tonight's Watch", Jason and Marcus build a large white wall of LEGO bricks, which they hope will hold back Jason's mother, who disapproves their viewing of Game Of Thrones.

Green Lantern: Rebirth[edit]

The page in question, with an enlarged version of the BIONICLE image
  • In an issue of Rebirth, the Toa Mata are seen in the background of one page.

Mother Goose and Grimm[edit]

The LEGO-related strip for Mother Goose and Grimm.
  • A strip ran in 2011.

Penny Arcade[edit]

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal[edit]

  • Comic 3706 features a couple attempting intimacy once their child is asleep, only to encounter various obstacles, one of which is stepping on a LEGO brick.


  • Comic 616, "Lease", involves Cueball reflecting on whether or not he is mature enough to sign the lease, as he comments on how he still even builds LEGO buildings sometimes.
  • Comic 659, "LEGO", involves Cueball and Ponytail pondering over the distinction between LEGO creations (an abstract concept) and the LEGO pieces (which are physical).
  • Comic 802 features a tiny island for Brickshelf in its map of online communities.
  • The title text of comic 1214, "GeoGuessr", talks about Randall Munroe's friend getting LEGOLAND (or "LegoLand" in the title text) on Geoguessr.
  • In comic 1253, one of the fictional public-suggested exoplanet names is LEGOLAND.
    • The joke was copied over in comic 1555, which is essentially an update to comic 1253.
  • Comic 1281, "Minifigs", compares the number of minifigures in the world with the number of people, and extrapolates to determine the date at which minifigures will outnumber humans. The title text also mentions the fact that The LEGO Group is the world's largest tire manufacturer.

Mad Magazine[edit]

  • Mad Magazine issue number 526 "Our Big LEGO Issue!: Some Assembly Required" was released February 2014 to coincide with The LEGO Movie. The cover features MAD mascot Alfred E. Neuman as a minifigure breaking through a brick wall while two basic minifigures fall apart behind him.


  • In 1996, Danish composer Frederik Magle composed LEGO Fantasia in three movements for symphonic and piano orchestra. The composition was commissioned by the LEGO Group, and premiered on on August 24, 1997. The LEGO group released the composition on CD in 1998.
  • The music video for The White Stripes 2002 single, Fell in Love with a Girl is a LEGO animation.
  • Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran released a single called "Lego House" in 2011, from his album +. The sets 5866 Rotor Rescue and 5771 Hillside House can be seen in the music video.
    • The song U.N.I., also from +, contains the line "break up the love like Lego now".
  • The rapper G Frsh has released a mixtape named "Legoman (Where's My Brick?)," and has featured a man with a LEGO minifigure's head in one of his music videos.
  • The song "Long Time Coming" by Delays features the line "Threw your LEGO in the lake, why'd you wanna go do that for?".
  • The music video for Lady Gaga's "G.U.Y." features the famous LEGO sculpture Yellow by Nathan Sawaya with Gaga's head in place of the sculpture. The video also makes use of LEGO to create props like fruits and chairs.
  • The music video for Shinedown's "Second Chance" briefly features a little boy building with LEGO bricks.
  • The video accompanying Swedish duo Rymdreglage's "8-Bit Trip" is done entirely in stop motion with LEGO bricks.
  • The song "That Boy That Girl" by English band Hadouken! has the line "That girl's an Indie Cindy/LEGO haircut and polka-dot dress" in the chorus.


Doctor Who[edit]

In Memory Lane, a boy named Tom builds a LEGO rocket to go to Jupiter. Later in the episode, the Doctor and Charlie meet Tom and are impressed by LEGO and his skills with it.


  • "I Hope You Step on a LEGO" is a recognized and confirmed meme, which involves comparing the pain of stepping on a standard LEGO brick barefoot with other painful things. It is also seen as a method of trolling in Rage Comics. (See the KnowYourMeme entry)