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Mickey Mouse (theme)

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Mickey Mouse
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Disney's Baby Mickey

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Mickey Mouse & Friends

Mickey Mouse is a LEGO theme based around Disney's Mickey Mouse and friends. The theme began and ended in 2000, and consisted of five sets. This theme contained System parts. The majority of parts were from the Fabuland theme and the figures in the sets were to the same scale as Fabuland figures. Only three minifigures were made, Mickey Mouse; Minnie Mouse and Pluto. It has a Subtheme in the Baby line: Disney's Baby Mickey.


List of Sets[edit]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
4164.jpg 4164  Mickey's Fire Engine  26  Mickey Mouse   $10.00  2000 
4165 Minnie's B-Day Party.jpg 4165  Minnie's Birthday Party  78  Mickey MouseMinnie Mouse   $16.99  2000 
4166-1-1.jpg 4166  Mickey's Car Garage  86  Mickey Mouse   $19.99  2000 
4167-1.jpg 4167  Mickey's Mansion  122  Mickey MouseMinnie MousePluto   $39.99  2000 
4178-1.jpg 4178  Mickey's Fishing Adventure  104  Mickey MouseMinnie Mouse     2000 


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