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Mindstorms NXT

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Mindstorms is a LEGO theme that uses a combination of TECHNIC and System pieces in its sets. It was first introduced in 1998.


Mindstorms are controlled by a master brick to which various motors, and other sensors can be attached. This master brick can be programmed using a computer to take inputs from the sensors, interpret and then act on the data with the motors or other output devices like LEGO lamps. This allows for the creation of wireless LEGO robots.

Sensory capabilities can be based on thermometers, light sensors, sound sensors, touch sensors, and ultrasonic sensors.

There are three motor ports and four sensor ports as well as a USB port on a typical Mindstorms master brick. Downloadable programs are available for using either a USB cable or Bluetooth connection. NXTG is the default scheme for use when programming the micro controller, though there are also programming environments available for the RobotC and Java options.

List of Sets[edit]

Image # Set Pieces Figures Price Released
No image 10287  Intelligent NXT Brick          
No image 2000080  Mindstorms Education NXT Software V.2.1 (With Data Logging)          
No image 2852724  Accelerometer Sensor          
No image 2852725  Infrared Seeker          
No image 2852726  Gyroscopic Sensor          
No image 2853216  Infrared Link Sensor          
No image 2855040  Mindstorms NXT IR Receiver          
No image 3800  Ultimate Builders Set          
No image 3801  Ultimate Accessory Set          
No image 3803  RIS 1.5 Upgrade Kit          
No image 3804  Robotics Invention System 2.0          
No image 3805  Robotics Invention System Upgrade Kit          
No image 31313  Mindstorms EV3          
No image 4524081  Mindstorms NXT CD          
No image 8527  Mindstorms NXT          
No image 8528  Converter Cables for Mindstorms NXT          
No image 8529  Connector Cables for MINDSTORMS NXT          
No image 8547  Mindstorms NXT 2.0          
No image 9371  Vision Command          
No image 9580  WeDo Robotics Construction Set          
No image 9581  USB Hub          
No image 9583  WeDo Robotics Motion Sensor          
No image 9584  WeDo Robotics Tilt Sensor          
No image 9648  Education Resource Set          
No image 9667  Solar Panel          
No image 9668  Energy Display          
No image 9669  Energy Storage          
No image 9670  E-Motor with Gear Reduction Ratio 9.5 : 1          
No image 9694  Colour Sensor          
No image 9713  Infrared Transmission Tower          
No image 9719  Robotics Invention System          
No image 9725  ROBOLAB Amusement Park Set          
No image 9730  Robo Sports          
No image 9731  Vision Command          
No image 9732  Extreme Creatures          
No image 9735  Robotics Discovery Set          
No image 9736  Exploration Mars          
No image 9739  Micro Scout PC Link          
No image 9747  Robotics Invention System          
No image 9748  Droid Developer Kit          
No image 9749  NXT Temperature Sensor          
No image 9754  Dark Side Developer Kit          
No image 9755  Temperature Sensor          
No image 9756  Rotation Sensor          
No image 9757  Touch Sensor          
No image 9758  Light Sensor          
No image 9780  ROBOLAB Starter Set          
No image 9797  LEGO MINDSTORMS Education NXT Base Set          
No image 9798  Rechargeable Battery          
No image 9841  NXT Intelligent Brick          
No image 9842  NXT Servo Motor          
No image 9843  NXT Touch Sensor          
No image 9844  NXT Light Sensor          
No image 9845  NXT Sound Sensor          
No image 9846  NXT Ultrasonic Sensor          
No image 9847  NXT Bluetooth Dongle          
No image 9888  Touch Sensor          
No image 9889  Temperature Sensor          
No image B565  Jin Sato's LEGO Mindstorms: The Master's Technique          
No image B8527  MINDSTORMS NXT          
No image 9847  Bluetooth Dongle          
No image K9833  Rechargeable Battery Set          
No image MS1034  Compass Sensor          
No image MS1038  Colour Sensor          
No image MS1040  Accelerometer          
No image MS1042  Infrared Seeker          
No image MS1044  Gyroscopic Sensor          
No image MS1046  Infrared Link Sensor          
No image MS1048  RF ID Sensor          
No image MS1049  Keyfob Transponder          
No image 45500  EV3 Intelligent Brick          
No image 45502  EV3 Large Servo Motor          
No image 45503  EV3 Medium Servo Motor          
No image 45504  EV3 Ultrasonic Sensor          
No image 45505  EV3 Gyro Sensor          
No image 45506  EV3 Colour Sensor          
No image 45507  EV3 Touch Sensor          
No image 45508  EV3 Infrared Beacon          
No image 45509  EV3 Infrared Sensor          
No image 45544  LEGO MINDSTORMS Education EV3 Core Set          

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