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6018302.jpg Design ID: 11100

Years in production: 2012 - 2015 Available Colours:
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Part 11100 is a part that represents a wing. Its official description is Wing W/Shaft 4Mm. The part was released in 2012. In white, it is used on: Eris, Ewald, Ewar, Equila, and Eglor. In black, it is used on: Rawzom, Razar, Razcal, and Rizzo. In bright orange, it is used on Fluminox, Frax, and Foltrax.


Part 11100 is an outspread wing, with two layers of feathers and a small peg at the base for connecting to another piece. The peg can fit into a stud socket. The wing piece is featured on the Eagle, Raven, and Phoenix tribes of Legends of Chima. The white variation is featured on all the eagles, the raven faction displays the black, while bright orange is used for the phoenix's fire wings.

Gallery of Variants[edit]


Bright Orange
Medium Stone Grey