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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Variations" with value "Animated<br />Physical". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • User:Edward Nigma/Darth Vader  + (<small>(See [[Anakin Skywalker]])<
    (See [[Anakin Skywalker]])
    2005 Variant
    2006 Variant
    Light Blue Head
    2008 Variant
    Darth Vader (battle damaged)
    Light-Up Lightsaber
    Chrome Darth Vader
    2010 Variant
    Darth Vader (Microfigure)
    Darth Vader (Medal Printing)
    Darth Vader (Santa)
    2014 Variant
    Two-piece helmet, film
    Two-piece helmet, ''Rebels''
    (Medal Printing)<br />Darth Vader (Santa)<br />2014 Variant<br />Two-piece helmet, film<br/>Two-piece helmet, ''Rebels'')
  • Hydronaut  + (<small>(See [[Aquashark Hybrid]])</small><br />Red hands<br />Blue legs<br />Black legs <small>(Flippers)</small>)
  • Police Officer (2007)  + (<small>(See [[Police Officer]])</small>)
  • Police Officer (2011)  + (<small>(See [[Police Officer]])</small>)
  • Police Officer (2005)  + (<small>(See [[Police Officer]])</small>)
  • Police Officer (2012)  + (<small>(See [[Police Officer]])</small>)
  • Police Officer (2006)  + (<small>(See [[Police Officer]])</small>)
  • Police Officer (2010)  + (<small>(See [[Police Officer]])</small>)
  • Police Officer (2009)  + (<small>(See [[Police Officer]])</small>)
  • Police Officer (2008)  + (<small>(See [[Police Officer]])</small>)
  • Imperial Combat Driver  + (AT-DP Pilot<br />Imperial Combat Driver)
  • Groot  + (Adult<br/>Sapling<br>Baby Groot<br />    jacket<br>Teenager)
  • Johnny Thunder  + (Adventurers, India, Mount Everest, China, ''The LEGO Movie'')
  • Temple Guardian  + (Afro<br />Bald)
  • The Kraang  + (Alien<br /> Krangdroid<br />Damaged Krangdroid<br />Underwater Kraangdroids)
  • Pilot (2018)  + (Ambulance pilot<br/>Airshow pilot)
  • Pilot (2016)  + (Ambulance pilot<br/>Volcano pilot<br/>Private plane pilot<br/>Postal helicopter pilot)
  • Star Wars Creatures  + (Ammo Cart, Normal)
  • Serpentine  + (Anacondrai<br />Constrictai<br />Venomari<br />Hypnobrai<br />Fangpyre<br />Vermillion<br/>Pyro Vipers)
  • Raphael  + (Angry <br /> Serious <br /> Breather <br /> Gritted Teeth<br />Movie<br />Movie (angry))
  • Leonardo  + (Angry<br /> Serious<br /> Dark Turtle<br />Bruised<br />Breather<br />Movie<br />Movie (smiling))
  • Donatello  + (Angry<br />Serious<br />Pilot<br />Breathing Apparatus<br />Movie)
  • Harley Quinn  + (Animated<br />Classic comic<br />''The New 52''<br />Pigtails<br />The LEGO Batman Movie<br/>DC Super Hero Girls, Hero<br/>DC Super Hero Girls, Pajams<br/>See Also: [[Dr. Harleen Quinzel]])
  • April O'Neil  + (Animated<br />Movie)
  • Karai  + (Animated<br />Movie)
  • Skunk  + (Animated<br />Physical)
  • Splinter  + (Animates Series<br />Movie)
  • Marge Simpson  + (Apron, Casual, Sunday best)
  • Mia  + (Aqua top and dark blue skirt<br />Blue shirt and lime pants<br />Blue top and purple skirt<br />Aqua top and pink skirt<br />Magician<br />Chef<br />Beach outfit<br />Green top and light pink skirt<br />Lavender top and lime pants<br />Jungle<br />Winter)
  • Bonezai  + (Armour<br />No Armour)
  • Resistance Officer  + (Army Lieutenant<br/>Army Major)
  • Green Army Man  + (Army Man<br />Medic)
  • Wolverine  + (Astonishing<br />Ultimate<br>Mighty Micros)
  • The Rock Raider  + (At Least 1)
  • Conquistador  + (At least 2)
  • Knight (Crusaders)  + (At least 2)
  • BB-8  + (BB-8)
  • Pepper Roni  + (Backpiece)
  • Bad Cop/Good Cop  + (Bad Cop/Good Cop<br />Scribble-Face<br />Car Chase)
  • Elite Police Officer  + (Baseball Cap, Helmet, Hair, Female)
  • Basic figure  + (Basic finger puppet figure, <br /> Basic human body figure)
  • The Penguin  + (Batman <br />Super Heroes <br /> Fur Coat <br /> 1966 TV Series)
  • Mr. Freeze  + (Batman <br />Super Heroes<br />Classic TV series<br />Juniors<br>Microfigure)
  • Alfred Pennyworth  + (Batman<br />1966 TV Series<br/>''The LEGO Batman Movie''<br/>''The LEGO Batman Movie'' Batsuit<br/>''The LEGO Batman Movie'' Classic Batsuit)
  • The Scarecrow  + (Batman<br />2013 Super Heroes<br/>2016 Super Heroes<br/>The LEGO Batman Movie<br/>The LEGO Batman Movie (Disguise) * See also: [[Professor Jonathan Crane]])
  • Poison Ivy  + (Batman<br />DC Comics Super Heroes<br/>The LEGO Batman Movie<br />Arkham<br/>DC Super Hero Girls<br/>DUPLO figure<br/>See Also: [[Pamela Isley]])
  • Bane  + (Batman<br />Super Heores<br />''The Dark Knight Rises''<br/>Mighty Micros<br>The LEGO Batman Movie)
  • Two-Face  + (Batman<br />Super Heroes<br />''The LEGO Batman Movie''<br/>''The LEGO Batman Movie'' <small>(Arkham Jumpsuit)</small><br/>Microfigure<br />See Also: [[Harvey Dent]])
  • Catwoman  + (Batman<br />Super Heroes<br />DUPLO figure<br />Mighty Micros<br />1966 TV Series<br />The LEGO Batman Movie<br />The LEGO Batman Movie <small>(Jumpsuit)</small><br/>See Also: [[Selina Kyle]])
  • Bruce Wayne  + (Batman<br />[[Super Heroes]]<br />1966 TV Series<br/>''The LEGO Batman Movie''<br/>See Also: [[Batman (minifigure)|Batman]])
  • Battle droid  + (Battle Droid with backpack<br /> Bat
    Battle Droid with backpack
    Battle Droid with two curved arms
    Battle Droid with two straight arms
    Battle Droid with one straight and one curved arm
    Geonosis Battle Droid
    Geonosis Battle Droid (redesigned arm)
    [[Battle Droid Commander]]
    [[Security Battle Droid]]
    [[Pilot Battle Droid]]
    [[Rocket Battle Droid]]
    rity Battle Droid]]<br /> [[Pilot Battle Droid]]<br /> [[Rocket Battle Droid]]<br />)