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This page provides a simple browsing interface for finding entities described by a property and a named value. Other available search interfaces include the page property search, and the ask query builder.

Search by property

A list of all pages that have property "Variations" with value "Normal<br />Dirty<br />DUPLO". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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List of results

  • Jessie  + (Normal<br />Dirty<br />DUPLO)
  • Buzz Lightyear  + (Normal<br />Dirty<br />[[DUPLO Figure]] (See [[Buzz Lightyear (DUPLO)]]))
  • Hamm  + (Normal<br />Evil Dr. Porkchop<br />scum covered)
  • Chopov  + (Normal<br />Helmet<br />Armour)
  • Roley  + (Normal<br />Light Green)
  • Sky Lane  + (Normal<br />Neck bracket<br />Backpack<br />LEGO Universe (non-physical))
  • Rex Fury  + (Normal<br />Normal <small>(Mask)</small><br />Bare Chest<br />Astronaut<br />Astronaut <small>(Helmet)</small>)
  • Devastator  + (Normal<br />Red<br />Blue<br />Green)
  • Doc Ock  + (Normal<br />Smiling Face<br />Angry Face<br />Fusion Lab<br />4 Plus<br />''Ultimate Spider-Man''<br />Comic<br/>Comic, no lab coat)
  • Woody  + (Normal<br />With Dirt<br />[[DUPLO]] [[DUPLO Figure|figure]])
  • Sporty  + (Normal<br />With fingers)
  • Alien (Toy Story)  + (Normal<br />Yellow paint<br />Blue paint<br />[[DUPLO]] [[DUPLO Figure|figure]] (See [[Little Green Man (DUPLO)]]))
  • Cruz Ramirez  + (Normal<br/>Muddy<br/>Dinoco<br/>DUPLO)
  • Red, White and Blue Team Player  + (Number 1 (Goalkeeper)<br />Number 2<br />Number 3<br />Number 4<br />Number 7<br />Number 9<br />Number 9 (Hat)<br />Number 10<br />Number 11<br />Number 18)
  • Green and White Team Player  + (Number 1 (Goalkeeper)<br />Number 2<br />Number 3<br />Number 4<br />Number 7<br />Number 9<br />Number 10<br />Number 11<br />Number 18)
  • Blue Player  + (Number 1<br />Number 2<br />Number 3<br />Number 5<br />Number 7<br />Number 9<br />Number 10)
  • Red and Black Team Player  + (Number 2 <small>(White legs, blue le
    Number 2 (White legs, blue legs)
    Number 4 (White legs, blue legs)
    Number 5 (White legs, blue legs)
    Number 7 (White legs, blue legs)
    Number 8 (White legs, blue legs)
    Number 9 (White legs, blue legs)
    Number 10 (White legs, blue legs)
    Number 11 (White legs, blue legs)
    Number 14 (White legs, blue legs)
    Number 18 (White legs, blue legs)
    <br />Number 11 <small>(White legs, blue legs)</small><br />Number 14 <small>(White legs, blue legs)</small><br />Number 18 <small>(White legs, blue legs)</small>)
  • Blue and White Team Player  + (Number 2<br />Number 4<br />Number 5<br />Number 7<br />Number 8<br />Number 9<br />Number 10<br />Number 10, green legs<br />Number 11<br />Number 14<br />Number 18)
  • Nya  + (Nya<br/>Samurai X<br/>Samurai X (2014)<br/>Samurai X (2015)<br/>Ninja<br/>Airjitzu suit<br/>Day of the Departed robes<br/>Airjitzu<br/>''The LEGO Ninjago Movie''<br />    High school<br />    Spinjitzu training)
  • Mechanic (2016)  + (Off roader mechanic<br/>Service station mechanic<br/>Airport mechanic)
  • Krux  + (Old<br/>Young)
  • Olaf  + (One button<br/>Two buttons)
  • Visorak (minifigure)  + (Oohnorak, Keelerak, Boggarak, Roporak, Suukorak, Vohtarak)
  • Lisa Simpson  + (Open eyes<br />Droopy eyes)
  • Bart Simpson  + (Open eyes<br />Shifty<br />Bartman)
  • Sophie Jones  + (Open mouth<br/>Closed mouth)