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A list of all pages that have property "Variations" with value "White legs<br />Transparent blue leg". Since there have been only a few results, also nearby values are displayed.

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  • General Zod  + (Undersuit<br /> Combat Armour<br>''The LEGO Batman Movie'')
  • Hermione Granger  + (Uniform<br />Uniform with Time Turner Necklace<br />Sorting Clothes<br />Sleeping face<br />Uniform (2007 Re-design)<br />Blue clothing<br />Uniform (2010 Redesign)<br />Casual Clothing (2010 Redesign)<br />Dimensions<br/>2018<br>[[Microfigure]])
  • LexCorp Henchman  + (Version 1<br />Version 2)
  • Geonosian Warrior  + (Version 1<br />Version 2)
  • R2-Q5  + (Version 1<br />Version 2)
  • Resistance Trooper  + (Version 1<br />Version 2<br />Version 3<br />Version 4<br />Version 5<br/>Version 6<br/>Version 7<br/>Version 8)
  • Scurrier  + (Version 1<br />Version 2<br />Version 3<br/>Lava Scurrier)
  • Jungle explorer  + (Version 1<br/>Version 2<br/>Version 3<br/>Version 4<br/>Version 5<br/>Version 6<br/>Version 7<br/>Version 8)
  • Dutch Danish  + (Vest<br />Female torso)
  • Sophie  + (Vet <br />Spa robe)
  • R3-S6  + (Video Game)
  • Star Wars Creatures  + (Video Game version<br />Mini-Movie version<br />[[2013]] version)
  • Robin (Tim Drake)  + (Wavy hair <small>(''Batman'')</smWavy hair <small>(''Batman'')</small><br />Tousled hair <small>(''Batman'')</small><br />Combed hair <small>(''DC Comics Super Heroes'')</small><br />Hooded <small>(''DC Comics Super Heroes'')</small><br />Scuba suit <small>(''DC Comics Super Heroes'')</small><br />Mighty Micros<br/>Microfigure<br />See also:<br />    [[Tim Drake]]<br />    [[Red Robin]]bin]])
  • Ghost  + (White Hands<br />White Legs<br />Yellow Hands)
  • Quentin Spencer  + (White Hat<br />Blue Hat)
  • Wu  + (White Kimono<br />Black Kimono<br /> 2012 Kimono<br />Microfigure<br />Evil Wu<br />2015<br />Golden Robes<br/>''The LEGO Ninjago Movie''<br/>Mysterious Baby<br />Teen<br />Dragon Armor<br />Dragon Master<br />Legacy)
  • Scientist (Space Port)  + (White Legs)
  • Two-Face Henchman  + (White and Black<br />Orange and Purple #1<br />Orange and Purple #2<br />See Also:<br />    [[Two-Face Goon]]<br />[[Two-Face Bodyguard]])
  • Lance Bot  + (White armour<br/>Silver armour)
  • Jailbreak Joe  + (White cap and black legs, light gray legs, light bluish gray legs, white legs)
  • Captain Ross Ranger  + (White cap<br />Black cap)
  • Aira Windwhistler  + (White dress<br />Cape<br />Purple dress<br/>Hood<br/>2017 variant)
  • Dingo Melbourne  + (White hat, red hat, hair)
  • Turbo Charger  + (White legs (Sets [[6335 Indy Transport]] & [[6337 Fast Track Finish]]))
  • King Richard  + (White legs, white cape, red legs)
  • Black Bart  + (White scarf and grey legs)
  • Minifigure (2018 Classic)  + (White shirt<br/>Red shirt with green pants<br/>Black shirt<br/>Pink shirt<br/>Blue shirt<br/>Red shirt with blue pants)
  • Ten Numb  + (White suit<br />Red suit)
  • Stephanie  + (White top and magenta skirt<br />AquWhite top and magenta skirt<br />Aqua jumper and light pink skirt<br />White top and green trousers<br />White top and lavender skirt<br />Soccer<br />White top and light lavender skirt <br />White blazer and purple skirt<br />Winter<br />Farm<br />Beach<br />Aqua long sleeved shirt and white riding pants<br />Pale green top and magenta skirt<br />Jungle<br />Dark blue top and magenta skirt<br />White top and pink shorts<br />Lime green top and lavender skirt<br />Light purle top and medium lilac skirt skirt<br />White top and pink shorts<br />Lime green top and lavender skirt<br />Light purle top and medium lilac skirt)
  • Emily Jones  + (White top<br />Cape<br />Blue top<br/>2017 variant)
  • Assassin Droid  + (White version<br />Silver version<br />Grey version See [[Elite Assassin Droid]])
  • Skeleton Warrior  + (White<br />Black<br />Armoured<br />See [[Skeleton]])
  • Warg  + (White<br />Grey<br />Brown)
  • Gandalf  + (White<br />Grey<br />Grey, without cape and hat<br />[[Microfigure]])
  • Chicken  + (White<br />Sand Yellow<br />Dark Stone Grey)
  • Sir Fangar  + (White<br />White (No Armour)<br />Grey)
  • Troublesome Truck  + (Wide Grin<br />Grimace)
  • Maggie Simpson  + (Wide eyes<br />Droopy eyes)
  • Grimroc  + (Winged<br/>Not winged)
  • Anna (Disney)  + (Winter gear<br />''Frozen Fever''<br/>Coronation gown<br/>Casual wear<br/>Minifigure)
  • Mac McCloud  + (With Aviator Helmet<br />With Kepi<br />As [[Microfigure]])
  • Alien (Mars Mission)  + (With Jetpack<br />[[Alien Commander (Mars Mission)|Alien Commander]])
  • Ann Droid  + (With Light<br /> With [[Helmet]])
  • Black Jack Hawkins  + (With black legs, green legs, a peg leg and brown hat)
  • Lord Vampyre  + (With cape<br />Without cape)
  • Ugha Warrior  + (With hair <br /> No hair)
  • Mirkwood Elf Guard  + (With hood and quiver, Without)
  • Hannah Hippopotamus  + (With necklace, LEGO Centre)
  • Mike Monkey  + (With red hat, With grey hat)
  • Willa the Witch  + (Without Cape)