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This article is about the Toy Story character. For other uses of the term, see Pete.
Stinky Pete

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Stinky Pete the Prospector is a minifigure from the Toy Story theme.


Sitnky Pete features a unique head mould with a non removable hat. The head features a light nougat face, large brown eyes, and white facial hair. His smile also highlights a gold tooth. His blue torso features fairly minimal printing as it depicts a red shirt along with a yellow and red patterned scarf under blue overalls. His arms are red and also feature light nougat hands. His legs are blue non-movable and short legs. Also featured on the Lawn Gnome minifigure.


Stinky Pete was the antagonist of half of the the second Toy Story movie. A bitter, resentful old toy, he has spent his entire existence in mint, sealed condition, sitting on the shelf watching other, newer toys getting sold instead of him. He eventually became part of the collection of Al, owner of Al's Toy Barn, who was trying to assemble a full set of Woody's Roundup characters to sell to a Japanese museum. In the TV show, Stinky Pete was an old gold prospector, and retained much the same personality. When Al steals Woody to complete the set, Pete convinces Woody that this is where he belongs, and that Andy can't love him forever - but that in the museum, he'll delight kids forever. When Woody decides to return to Andy anyway, Pete loses patience and forces him into the packing crate. At the airport, Woody is rescued by Buzz Lightyear, while Stinky Pete gets trapped in the backpack of a young child.


  • Although Stinky Pete's hat cannot be removed. A very similar hat that is removable is featured on another Prospector minifigure.