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This article is about the minifigure. For the set featuring a large brick-built Zurg, see 7591 Construct-a-Zurg.

Zurg is a Toy Story 2 minifigure introduced in 2010. He appears in 7593 Buzz's Star Command Spaceship. In a LEGO Club Magazine Toy Story comic, he kidnaps three aliens. Zurg is also depicted in a large brick-built form in 7591 Construct-a-Zurg.


Zurg features a purple headpiece that depicts a permanent yellow-patterned frown and angry red eyes. His torso is purple with dark bluish grey highlights to make the torso look like it has a narrow lower half. It also features the only pair of long purple arms in the Toy Story theme, which are accompanied with dark bluish grey hands. His chest piece is a black with dark bluish grey printing with spikes on both shoulders and a red circle with a yellow 'Z' in the middle. With this also comes a long red cape with a collar. His legs are a 2x2x3 purple slope piece, notably facing the opposite direction most slope pieces are placed on minifigures.


Zurg is an evil space villain and Buzz's arch enemy. He has appeared in a Buzz Lightyear TV show as an evil space villain, commanding armies of bee-like aliens. He is also a main antagonist in the beginning to Toy Story 2, making references to Star Wars, with it only to be revealed that Rex had lost at the Buzz Lightyear video game.


  • Zurg has the only pair of long purple arms in the Toy Story theme, as well in any LEGO set in general.
  • Zurg's legs are made by a 2x2x3 slope piece in purple; not only is it unique to the tall figure, but it is also faced in the opposite direction from most slopes traditionally placed on minifigures, like the one for the Evil Wizard.



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