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Ireland is a country where LEGO is sold. While most people think Ireland is famous for only potatoes and beer, here at Brickipedia were here to educate you on Ireland's history with LEGO.

Luna Lovegood, the first fully Irish minifigure

Apart from being sold in Ireland, and signs from Dublin in the LEGO airports, Ireland didn't receive much love from LEGO until 2010. Luna Lovegood was released as the first minifigure who was officially Irish. If Luna isn't enough for you, Seamus Finnigan was also released in the Harry Potter video games. The most famous character from Irish culture Leprechaun was released in 2012. The leprechaun was based off the stereotype of the character, favoring red hair and green clothes over the blond hair, red and blue loving characters from Irish mythology. The slavery aspect of the leprechaun was removed too; he received a pot of gold as his accessory instead of a pair of shoes that he would've been made fit a Fairy's feet. Bad Cop, Ma Cop and Pa Cop all have strong northern Irish accents, though it is unsure what county they are from, if they're Irish at all. With the release of Scooby-Doo in 2015, the original Scooby Doo Where Are You? Irish mythology based character, Dracula joined the cast of Irish minifigures. Seamus McFly made an appearance in LEGO Dimensions of the same year. A Banshee was also released in 2015, being based off a historic banshee rather than the stereotyped witch often seen in pop culture. The Banshee resembled the original characters closely who was crying tears of sadness because she found out a family member died (or according to LEGO, because she's delivering bad news).

Did you know?[edit]

  • Ireland has the highest probability of having blue eyes or blonde hair in the whole world, Stephanie would be proud.
  • Penguins are one of the few species that are native to Ireland.
  • Cats are two times more popular then dogs in Ireland.
  • Halloween is an Irish holiday.
Happy St. Patrick's Day from Brickipedia!