4209 Fire Plane

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Fire Plane
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Forest Firefighter Three
Forest Pilot One
Forest Pilot Two

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4209 Fire Plane is a City Forest set that was released in 2012.

Description[edit | edit source]

The main part of the set is the "water bomber" fire plane. The plane is large, has twin propellers and pontoons for water landings. It can hold two minifigures in the cockpit. The plane also has a "water" tank holding transparent blue 1x1x3 cylinders representing water which can be dropped out of a hatch on the bottom of the plane. There is also a hatch on top of the plane to load the water bricks. The set also includes a fire jeep with a water trailer. The water trailer has a pump with a hose and nozzle. Various equipment is stored on the jeep and trailer including an axe, a chainsaw and a fire extinguisher. The last part of the set is two brick-built trees. They have a small base and new trunk pieces holding the leaves. Many flames are also included, to simulate a forest fire.

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