Harris, Hubert and Hamish

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Harris, Hubert and Hamish
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Harris, Hubert and Hamish is a group of three identical baby bears introduced in 2014 in the Disney Princess theme. These animal figures, representing Merida’s brothers magically transformed into bear cubs, are exclusive to 41051 Merida's Highland Games set.

Description[edit | edit source]

The boys use an unique mould designed specially for the theme. Each bear is in standing position, has conical body with front paws bent in elbows, which are kept close to the torso, big round head with little half-moon-shaped ears and small rounded tail at the back. Instead of hind paws there is just a gap in front of the base of the cone, where the figure can be attached to the studs. The body is mainly dark grey apart from the patches of light grey fur around each creature’s eye and on the top of the head, where a little hole allows inserting an accessory. The figure also has black printed nose and mouth as well as blue eyes.

Background[edit | edit source]

Harris, Hubert and Hamish are characters from Brave animated movie. They were triplet sons of a Scottish chieftain Fergus Dunborch and queen Elinor. Just like their older sister Merida, they have red hair and blue eyes inherited from their father, they also shared joyful approach to life and huge energy, which made them a bit naughty sometimes. After Merida served her mother an enchanted cookie prepared by a witch, which magically transformed the queen into a she-bear, the brothers ate the rest of the cookie and became bear cubs. The triplets seemed unabashed of the transformation but willingly helped Merida to escape from the family castle and their mother. They got back to their human form when the princess managed to break the spell by stitching the family tapestry back together.

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