5000728 DC Universe Super Heroes Collection

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DC Universe Super Heroes Collection
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Super Heroes
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5000728 DC Universe Super Heroes Collection is a Super Heroes DC Universe Ultrabuild Product Collection released in 2012, including 4526 Batman, 4527 The Joker and 4528 Green Lantern all in one set.

Sets Included[edit]

It contains the following sets: Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Build and battle with 3 LEGO® DC Universe Super Heroes!

Power-charge the super hero building fun with a trio of tough legends from the DC Universe brought to life with poseable LEGO® elements!

Track down The Joker™ with Batman™ to disarm his venom-shooting blaster and laughing gas with Batman’s powered-up suit and swords. Then protect the whole galaxy with Green Lantern and his powered-up suit or awesome power ring with the special powers to fly, travel through space, speak alien languages and create objects of solid energy, like the morning star.

  • Features 4526 Batman™, 4527 The Joker™ and 4528 Green Lantern, all with assorted accessories
  • Customize your models using the flexible building system!
  • Combine Batman with 4528 Green Lantern for an even bigger Batman
  • Combine The Joker with 4528 Green Lantern to make The Joker or The Green Lantern even bigger!
  • Each stands over 7” (20cm) tall