6862 Superman vs. Power Armour Lex

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Superman vs. Power Armour Lex
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Wonder Woman
Lex Luthor

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Late 2011 / January 1, 2012 (Official)


Super Heroes
    DC Universe

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6862 Superman vs. Power Armour Lex is a DC Universe Super Heroes set released in late 2011. It includes Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lex Luthor.


With the exception of the minifigures, the entire set is dedicated to Lex Luthor's robot. The robot is primarily green, but also has grey, purple, and transparent yellow-green as part of the colour scheme. The robot has a humanoid design, but without a head. A transparent hose, with green contents, attaches from two glass cases on the robot's shoulder (where it seems as though Kryptonite is being held) to a ray gun held in the robot's right hand. The other hand has no weapons, but seems to be for holding prisoners, as Wonder Woman is shown as being trapped by it in pictures. On the robot's chest is the cockpit for Lex Luthor, which is protected by a bubble-like wind-shield.


This set is based on no specific scene from the Superman or Wonder Woman franchises, but according to the set description, it seems as though Lex Luthor has built a robot with a kryptonite gun, captured Wonder Woman, and Superman has come to her rescue.

In the included comic, Superman comes to save Wonder Woman from Lex Luthor who has kidnapped her in his mech. Superman tries to use his heat vision to deconstruct the robot but Lex puts Wonder Woman in front and she takes the blast. Lex shoots Superman with the Kryptonite gun and Superman falls to the ground. He gets up and throws a piece of the pavement at the robot, flies towards Lex, and hits the mech, freeing Wonder Woman. She escapes the claw with the gun and Superman catches it. The pair fire it at the mech. The mech gets destroyed, but Lex jumps out and runs away. Wonder Woman takes out her Lasso of Truth and the end is left open.

Notes[edit] Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Take on Lex Luthor and his kryptonite gun to free Wonder Woman!

Superman’s™ arch enemy Lex Luthor has built a kryptonite-powered robot and has captured Wonder Woman. Can Superman™ dodge the strength-sapping power of Luthor’s kryptonite gun and make light work of his evil nemesis! Includes 3 minifigures: Superman™, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor.

  • Includes 3 minifigures: Superman™, Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor
  • Features kryptonite robot and kryptonite gun
  • Kryptonite robot features movable fingers for grabbing Wonder Woman
  • Dodge Lex Luthor’s kryptonite gun!
  • Includes comic book!
  • Kryptonite robot measures over 5” (15cm) tall

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