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76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown

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Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown
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Doctor Strange
Iron Man
Cull Obsidian
Ebony Maw


US $99.99
DE €99,99
UK £89.99
AU $169.99




March 2018


Marvel Super Heroes

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76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown is a Marvel Super Heroes set released in 2018. description[edit]

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Stop Cull Obsidian and Ebony Maw stealing the Infinity Stone!

Stage a LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes 76108 Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown between Iron Spider-Man, Iron Man and Doctor Strange and the super villains. This all-action set features a foldable, 3-level New York City building including Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum, with an exploding wall function and hidden Infinity Stone element, plus a pizzeria and Peter Parker's apartment, both with exploding window functions. The rooftop has a minifigure-launch function and a water tower with minifigure-winch function for Iron Spider-Man. This superhero toy also includes a detachable street corner scene, plus 4 minifigures and a big figure with weapons and 20 Power Burst elements.

  • Includes 4 minifigures: Iron Spider-Man, Iron Man, Doctor Strange and Ebony Maw, plus a Cull Obsidian big figure.
  • This set features a 3-level New York City building including the Sanctum Sanctorum, pizzeria, Peter Parker’s apartment, 2 fire escapes, rooftop water tower, plus a detachable street corner scene.
  • Fold the building in or out and attach the street corner in different places for alternative formations.
  • Sanctum Sanctorum features an entrance hall with an opening door, weapon rack with an axe and sword, and an armchair; library with an exploding wall function, hidden Infinity Stone element and stand, bookshelves, opening chest with 2 daggers inside and weapon rack with a staff and spear; and Doctor Strange’s top-floor office with a new-for-March-2018 decorated Sanctum Sanctorum window, desk, bookshelves and buildable candlestick.
  • Explode the wall to reveal the Infinity Stone.
  • Peter Parker's apartment features an office with a desk and assorted elements including a computer, lamp and boxes, and a bedroom with a trapdoor function, exploding window function, bed and pizza element.
  • Explode the window to reveal the spider web on the building wall.
  • Pizzeria features an opening door, exploding window function, pizza oven, buildable shawarma and assorted elements including a pizza, pizza peel and fire extinguisher.
  • Rooftop features a minifigure-launch function and water tower with winch function to send Iron Spider-Man in and out of battle on a ‘spider web string’.
  • Street corner features a newspaper stand with newspaper elements, trash can and assorted elements including a spider web with Iron Spider-Man’s cell phone and a pizza slice.
  • The new-for-March-2018 Cull Obsidian big figure comes with 2 buildable hammers.
  • Weapons include Iron Spider-Man's Power Blast and Ebony Maw's Power Blast.
  • Iron Spider-Man comes with a backplate with 4 leg elements.
  • Also includes 10 assorted translucent-blue and 10 assorted translucent-orange Power Burst elements to customize your builds and minifigures.
  • The Iron Man, Iron Spider-Man and Ebony Maw minifigures are new for March 2018.
  • Recreate thrilling scenes from the Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War movie.
  • Measures over 11” (30cm) high, 7” (20cm) wide and 8” (21cm) deep.

Minifigures included[edit]

Ages8-14 +
DEPrice€99,99 +
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Item №76108 +
MinifiguresDoctor Strange
Iron Man
Cull Obsidian
Ebony Maw +
Pieces1004 +
PriceUS $99.99
DE €99,99
UK £89.99
AU $169.99 +
ReleasedMarch 2018 +
SetTypeRegular sets +
ThemeMarvel Super Heroes +
TitleSanctum Sanctorum Showdown +
Txt1Doctor Strange +
Txt2Iron Man +
Txt3Spider-Man +
Txt4Cull Obsidian +
Txt5Ebony Maw +
TypeSet +
USPrice$99.99 +