9468 Vampyre Castle

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Vampyre Castle
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Lord Vampyre
Vampyre Bride
Manbat (Two)
Dr. Rodney Rathebone
Jack McHammer

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June 2012


Monster Fighters

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9468 Vampyre Castle is a Monster Fighters set released in June 2012. At 948 pieces, it is currently the second largest set in the theme, next to 10228 Haunted House. It consists of a large model of a castle, with a large gate, several towers, and a car. It contains the minifigures Lord Vampyre, Vampyre Bride, two Manbats, Jack McHammer, Dr. Rodney Rathebone, and a Skeleton.



This set contains Lord Vampyre's Castle, a large fortress made mainly of light grey, dark grey, and black parts, and a sand green car for the Monster Fighters. A total of six minifigures are included in the set; Lord Vampyre, Vampyre Bride, two Manbats, and two monster fighters (Dr. Rodney Rathebone and Jack McHammer).

The set[edit]

The Castle

The castle is made of several modular sections, the foremost of which is the gate area. The gate itself is black, and is hinged so that it can move in both directions.

The gate

Behind the gate are steps leading down to the ground, one of which has a raised stud on it, which would seem to prevent the gate moving backwards. Directly on either side of it are two thick pillars. They are both identical, and are made up of a black 2X3 brick, with two light grey 1X3 bricks stacked next to each other upon it, then a light grey 1X2 bricks textured with stonework, followed by black 1X2, with another stonework brick atop it. Behind this section are the hinged bricks the gate attaches into, and, above them, making both halves of the arch evenly high, it a long grey brick, which also partially supports the nearly section of wall. The end of the grey brick is help up by a miniature pillar, which sports two pin bricks with teeth stuck to them attached into a TECHNIC part, which allows them to be moved backward and forward, to lock or unlock the gate. In front of the rightmost pillar is a small tan bush.
Atop the pillars in built an archway, which is two studs thick, and rises two or three bricks higher than the gate. The arch itself is dark grey, although it has light grey sloped bricks attached to it, giving it a smoother effect, and, joining both halves of the arch together, is a tan 2X4 beam. Mounted on top of the beam is a dark grey jumper plate, with a black cone with a bat attached to its tip mounted on it.

On either side of the arch is a small tower. The one on the left is the shorter of the two, and is mounted partially on the archway, and partially on a rick sitting next to it. It is made of two round 2X2 bricks, one light grey, and the other dark, with three cones pieces of decreasing size mounted on them. The smallest cone, at the top, is only 1X1 studs. Stuck into the top of the topmost cone is a tall pole, with a circular TECHNIC piece attached at the pole's lowermost point. The second pole is completely identical to the first, with the exception that, instead of being mounted directly on half of the archway, it is raised above it by two 1X1 bricks with holes in their centres, which it is set upon. Into the single hole created by the two bricks, a glow-in-the-dark spider attacked to a flick-fire missile part can be inserted, and subsequently launched.
On both sides of the gate structure are short, thick walls. Each is built of a large single-piece light grey wall part, in addition to several other tall grey bricks, and the long grey brick mentioned earlier. Atop this is set a dark grey platform, protected from the front and the side by short walls, made of textured light and dark grey bricks, and some light grey plates. Each of the two resulting walls connects into a tower.

The tower on the left is the taller of the two. Its lower level is constructed of two single-part wall pieces, with stickers of bricks and vines on them, commented together by a variety of textured bricks. In between the two, the tower is connected into the gate area. The tower is open on the inside of the castle, and, in it, is a large brown circular brick, with several white spikes stuck into it. The castle's second layer is constructed very similarly to the first, the only major difference being that, in the middle of the textured bricks attaching the two wall parts together, there is a black window, set into a brown frame. Another, identical window is seen on the side of the tower facing outside the castle. The third layer is completely different. It has a dark grey circular floor, separating it from the pit formed by the other two levels, and is approximately five bricks high. It has five enclosed sides made of light and dark grey bricks, each with a window set into it. The window on the right side, facing away from the interior of the castle, has a TECHNIC pole made of two brown parts held together with pegs attached to it. At the end of the pole is a black TECHNIC element with two circular pegs attached into it, that allow a Manbats or another minifigure to hang from it. A section of the floor of this level can be pulled away, dropping minifigures into the lower levels. The sixth side faces into the castle, and is open to the elements. Inside, it has some dark red tiles on the floor, and features a table made of a short brown plate set atop several tan studs (two on each side). It has a map mounted on it. The fourth and final level of the tower is comprised mainly of a large black steeply sloping roof pat, set directly atop a circular tan floor. Under the arch of the roof, a brown treasure chest filled with multifaceted jewels of various colours jewels is stored. Three miniature towers are set upon the roof. Two are on various panels of the roof, one to the left, and one to the right, while one is situated upon its very peak. The tower to the left is taller, and is constructed of three circular bricks (one light grey, one dark, one light again) with three black cones of decreasing size set upon them. Like the miniature towers seen near the gate, there is a pole with a circular TECHNIC element around it stuck into the tip of the smallest cone. The second tower, on the right, is considerably smaller. It consists merely of a light grey circular brick, two black cones, one large and the other small, set atop it. Like the other tower, a pole with a circular TECHNIC element stuck on it is attached into the topmost cone. The final of the three, situated at the very topmost pinnacle of the roof, is also the smallest. It is set on a 2X2 grey plate, and is made solely of two black cones stacked atop each other. Like with all the others, a pole with a circular TECHNIC element stuck to it is mounted in the upper cone.

The entire gate area

The tower on the right is much shorter than its counterpart on the left. It is built on a mostly circular tan base. The first level has nothing on the floor, a large portion of it is built of a single wall piece (with bricks and vines printed on it), and a rock part of equal size (although it is covered by bricks on the inside). A TECHNIC element is situated next to the rock, but it is not known what it does. To the right of the wall part is a tall arch, filed with bricks (a very tall dark grey slope brick, and a miniature door set upon it). To the left of the rock part is a brick-built pillar (made mostly of two light grey bricks, put together to form a hollow between them, but with several dark grey bricks on top of them) about seven bricks high, with a hollow in its middle, and a dark grey jumper plate at its top. A light grey barred door is attached into the wall next to this pillar, and completely blocks entry into the lower level.
The eternal wall of the tower's second level follows a similar design to that of the first. A large wall part takes up some of the architecture, and to its right is an archway filled with bricks to form another wall. However, in this case, three textured bricks two dark grey and one light) are used as the filler's base, and a window (black in dark brown framework) is set at the top. Also, instead of a rock part next the wall element on the other side, there is another pillar filled in a similar manner to that on the right, but instead of the textured bricks, uses a single light grey part. To the right of this second pillar is a small brick-built area, which features a brown pole jutting from its upper area. The pole is made of three brown TECHNIC elements held together with pins, with a black TECHNIC part at the end with pins in it that can be used to attach a Manbat or other minifigure. ON the opposite side of the tower, there is another, nearly identical brick-built area, with, on the outside, a wheel attached into it. On the inside, a TECHNIC element attaches into a chain, which can be raised and lowered. A skeleton is attached to the train by a pair of handcuffs. The tower's roof is circular and grey. It has a small railing running along three fourths of it (approximately the front, left, and right), made of light and dark grey textured and slanted bricks set on top of and beside each other. A black cauldron is set in the middle of the roof, and contains a toadstool, made of a white cone and a red disc printed with white markings, a green frog, and a brown pole.

The rest of the castle is connected onto the wall area by a miniature wall, with hinges on it so it can be folded, altering the position of the castle. The castle is made of two levels, and a tall two-level tower. The lower level of the castle is mostly empty, and is opened on the front by a large archway. The arch is made of a single very large light grey part, and is held up on either side by pillars made textured bricks. The pillars are constructed of one dark grey generically textured one, one light grey brick-texture, one dark generic, and then the arch. Atop that is situated another dark grey textured one, connecting into the floor of the second level. On either side, directly behind the arch, is a brick-built red curtain. The curtains are built of a 2X4 red brick, slanted in two directions. Three 1X1 studs are set upon it, two brown, and one tan. A tall inverted red slope is built upon that, forming the rest of the curtain. At the castle's left, is a the base of the castle's large tower, which also forms the left hand of the castle's lower level. As well as the pillar used to support the archway, the base is made of a dark grey single-part wall piece, with, next to it, another pillar, completing the wall on the far left. The pillar is made of two bricks with hollowed-out centres set next to each other, forming a hollow in between them. They are set upon a slanted light grey brick, and a dark grey 1X2, Atop them is set a 2X2 dark grey brick, and on top of that, two dark grey 1X2s, one of them textured, the other not. On top of those two brick is set a dark grey jumper plate. Inside the lower level, a black coffin (with a bat and some sinuous designs printed on it) for Lord Vampyre to rest in is set. A brown ladder leads up to the second level of the castle. It is built on a long tan base, and has a tall brown brick supporting it.

The left compartment, with staircase fully extended

The second layer of the castle is also made of two separate compartments, set upon brown plates. The one on the right is made of two large light grey wall pieces, set side by side, but with an area between them filled with a dark grey slanted brick, with a black window in a dark brown frame set upon it. A light grey arched brick is set above these, and connects the two wall parts together, and is attached to the roof. When set directly upon each other, he stairs block access into the compartment he portion of the wall on the right side of the compartment that isn't covered by the wall element is made up mainly of several light grey bricks set upon each other, with another black window set into them. There is no further wall on the left side, but there is a large pillar made of eight light grey rotatable stair pieces, which support the compartment from the front, but, when rotated, form a stairway leading up to the compartment's roof. Inside the compartment is a large dark red structure resembling a bed set upon a medium-sized brown plate, and mounted on four single light tan studs. The roof on the compartment is semicircular and dark grey. It is protected on the front by a railing. The railing is constructed of several light grey slanted parts, which follow the contours of the roof, as well as two textured bricks at the front of the railing. Four slanted bricks are set at regular intervals along the top of it. An arched part with a 2X2 plate set on it connects this area to the roof of the second compartment (or, seen another way, the floor of the tower).
The second compartment on the level is constructed in much the same way, with two wall parts placed on either side of a brick-built structure (in this case, a miniature door on a pillar, surrounded by a light grey arch). One of the wall bricks has a sticker of bricks attached to it, and the other, a hole in the wall. The compartment's left side is fully walled as well. The wall has a black window in a brown frame set in it. Inside, the compartment contains two small tables. One has a transparent green goblet, a bone, and a flame stuck into a white cone all attached to it. The other, which is taller and thinner, has two vials, one red and one blue, placed atop it. The compartment's roof is dark grey, and another compartment is set directly atop it.

The next compartment is built almost identically to the previous one. It contains a bookshelf and a desk. A burning candle is set on the desk, and the bookshelf contains five thin books, in various colours. A secondary tower is attached to the outside of the compartment, and rises up to support a very small room, made of a single light grey wall piece. The room has a black tower on it, with a bat perched atop it.
A third compartment is set atop the second one. This one is much taller than the others, and is mainly made of walls, one on the left, and one of the rights.

The Organ

They are attached together at the roof and by a TECHNIC beam, into which a large device is attached. The front of the device features six of the Moon Stones arranged attached into TECHNIC bricks like spokes on a wheel. The Moon Stones can be pushed forward, and made to rapidly hinge backwards, by pressing a knob back inside the tower.
Atop of this compartment is the final layer, the roof. The roof is made of a single black roof part, and, like the tower roof mentioned previously, it has three towers miniature towers attached to it. Inside the roof, is situated, on a tan baseplate, a large pipe organ. It is mainly brown, with white and black keys, and light grey pipes.

The car

The Monster Fighters' car is made of a light and dark grey underside, with sleek sand green plating above them. It has two dark grey guns, made of an ADU gun and a telescope stuck together. A light grey motor is situated directly in front of a small windscreen, behind which the cockpit is situated. A large net-launcher is set directly behind the cockpit.

The minifigures[edit]

The minifigures included in the set

The Lord Vampyre has black legs printed with, at the very top, the bottom of the Vampire's vest, outlined in white, with one orange button. Lord Vampyre's torso is printed with a continuation of his vest, outlined in white. He wears a dark red shirt with white buttons. He has a gold watch chain tucked into a pocket, and set into his shirt. He wears a white-ruffed collar, and a small dark red tie. He has black arms, and white hands. He wears a cloak with two cloth spikes poking out behind either side of his head. His face is white, and double-sided. Both sides have a mouth with white fangs, as well as red eyes set in grey, and black eyebrows. One of the sides shows a snarling expression, with his mouth open, showing a red tongue. The other side has a closed mouth. He has slicked-back black hair.

The Vampyre Bride has, in place of legs, a tall dark red slanted element, printed with a dark red dress. There are two rips in the dress, one on either side, displaying the pinkish material beneath. Her dark red torso is printed with a small upper section of her dress, and a pink and dark red bodice. She wears a black necklace, with a small red blood drop-shaped crystal set on it. She has dark red arms, and white hands. Her face is white, and double-sided. She has a mouth with white fangs in it, and wears pink lipstick and eye shadow. She has long, thin eyebrows. One side of her face has a snarling expression, and one a smiling look. She has long black hair.

Dr. Rodney Rathebone has one sand green leg, and one silver one, moulded to look mechanical. His hip joint area is sand green, and his torso is white. It is printed with a light grey vest with black lines on it, a gold pocket-watch, a white collar, and a dark red tie. He has white arms, and yellow hands. His face is also yellow, and is printed with black sideburns, moustache, eyebrows, and goatee. He has a confident expression. He wears an unprinted light grey bowler hat.

Jack McHammer has sand blue legs, printed with silver and brown kneepads, pockets, and a brown belt with a silver buckle. His green torso is printed with a green plaid shirt, and a brown and dark grey jacket. His shirt has three buttons, and a collar open to reveal his (yellow) neckline. He has one green arm with a yellow hand, and one silver one moulded to look cybernetic, with a dark grey robotic hand. His yellow face is printed with a mass of orange beard and eyebrows, and he has a grim expression. He wears a dark grey circular hat.

The two included Manbats are identical. Both have dark brown legs with no printing, and dark brown torsos printed with muscles, outlined in black, and dark orange fur. They have uniquely moulded dark brown arms, with wings attached to them. They have light brown hands. Their light brown faces are printed with toothy mouths, and red eyes. They have unique brown hairpieces, with large ears attached to them.

The Skeleton is much like any other. It has bony white legs, a bare white torso showing off its ribcage, white arms, jointed at the shoulder so that they have great freedom of movement. The white head is printed with empty black eye sockets, and a grinning black mouth.


Lord Vampyre captured six of the magical Moon Stones, and brought them to his castle. Correctly placed, the Moon Stones have the power to permanently eclipse the sun. Lord Vampyre sought to do this, so that he and his minions could roam the earth forever. Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer arrived to stop him in a final battle.

Box Art[edit]

The box is mainly black and blue. The front displays a large, digitally-enhanced version of the set. A separate panel on the bottom left-hand corner displays and image of the Lord Vampyre and the Vampyre Bride, with the caption "Lord Vampyre & Vampyre Bride". A large image of the moon is featured prominently in the upper left hand corner.


LEGO.com Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from LEGO.com. Please do not modify it. (visit this item's product page) Enter Vampyre's castle and rescue the world from eternal darkness!

It's time for the final showdown with the Vampyre! He has gathered all 6 moonstones at his castle and is about to cloak the world in darkness forever so that his followers can roam free for the rest of eternity! Will our heroes Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer survive the castle's hidden spikes and traps to disable the moonstone device? Or will the Vampyre's bride and the manbats throw them into the castle dungeon? You decide! Includes 6 minifigures: Rodney Rathbone, Jack McHammer, the Vampyre, the Vampyre's bride and 2 manbats.

  • Includes 6 minifigures: Rodney Rathbone, Jack McHammer, the Vampyre, the Vampyre's bride and 2 manbats
  • Features the Vampyre's Castle with the moonstone device, shooting spiders, hidden spikes, trapdoor, stairs, secret entrances, coffin, organ and dungeon
  • Hero car includes a net launcher
  • 4 weapons included
  • Watch out for the spiders!
  • Dodge the hidden traps!
  • Defeat the Vampyre and his nightmarish helpers!
  • Measures over 18” (45cm) high, 11” (28cm) wide and 10” (26cm) deep
  • Hero car measures over 1” (5cm) high, 2” (6cm) wide and 6” (16cm) long

Minifigures Included[edit]



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Enter Vampyre's castle and rescue the Enter Vampyre's castle and rescue the world from eternal darkness!</br></br>It's time for the final showdown with the Vampyre! He has gathered all 6 moonstones at his castle and is about to cloak the world in darkness forever so that his followers can roam free for the rest of eternity! Will our heroes Dr. Rodney Rathbone and Jack McHammer survive the castle's hidden spikes and traps to disable the moonstone device? Or will the Vampyre's bride and the manbats throw them into the castle dungeon? You decide! Includes 6 minifigures: Rodney Rathbone, Jack McHammer, the Vampyre, the Vampyre's bride and 2 manbats.</br></br>* Includes 6 minifigures: Rodney Rathbone, Jack McHammer, the Vampyre, the Vampyre's bride and 2 manbats</br>* Features the Vampyre's Castle with the moonstone device, shooting spiders, hidden spikes, trapdoor, stairs, secret entrances, coffin, organ and dungeon</br>* Hero car includes a net launcher</br>* 4 weapons included</br>* Watch out for the spiders!</br>* Dodge the hidden traps!</br>* Defeat the Vampyre and his nightmarish helpers!</br>* Measures over 18” (45cm) high, 11” (28cm) wide and 10” (26cm) deep</br>* Hero car measures over 1” (5cm) high, 2” (6cm) wide and 6” (16cm) longcm) high, 2” (6cm) wide and 6” (16cm) long +
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