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Anna (Disney)

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Disney Princess


Winter gear
Frozen Fever
Coronation gown
Casual wear




2015 - 2017, 2019

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I just love spending time with my sister. She's my best friend and I would climb the highest mountain or even brave the snow monster, Marshmellow, for her!
―Anna [src]

Anna, also referred to as Princess Anna, is a Disney Princess mini-doll figure first released in 2015.


Anna wears a magenta winter cap over her dark orange hair, her hair is tied in long low braids. Anna's skin is light nougat. Anna has azure eyes, underneath her curved black eyebrows. Like all female mini-doll figures, she has a small rounded nose. On each of her facial cheeks she has four round, orange freckles. Anna has a closed mouth, decorated in pink lipstick. Around her neck Anna wears a long magenta cape. Anna's torso is black with some lime and pink floral designs on it. Anna's arms are aqua and she wears short blue gloves. Anna's dress is also blue and has some pink and lime floral designs at the bottom of it.

Anna's Frozen Fever variant shows her dark orange hair is tied into a high bun, with the fringe sept to the left. There's a large braid crossing over the top of the hair. Anna reuses her previous face. The bottom of Anna's top is black. There's a sunflower printed over the black. The top of her torso is pale yellow, with a lime circular necklace over it. The sides of her torso are printed with a lime jacket, that has various pale yellow floral designs on it. Anna's dress is azure with pale yellow and dark green lines, flowers and spirals are situated at the bottom of the dress.


Anna is princess of Arendelle and is next-in-line for throne, since the coronation of her best friend and sister, Queen Elsa.


Gallery of variants[edit]

71024 Anna.jpg
Winter gearFrozen FeverCoronation gownCasual wearMinifigure


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Frozen Fever
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