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My favourite thing in the world is playing music and singing with all my undersea friends
―Ariel [src]

Ariel is a Disney Princess character released in 2013 as part of the DUPLO line. In 2014, she was introduced as a mini-doll figure for the System line. The DUPLO and mini-doll figure variants of Ariel both have two different versions; one human and one mermaid.



In 10515 Ariel's Undersea Castle and 10596 Princess Collection Ariel is a mermaid. Her tail is long and green, it is printed with scales. She also has a flesh coloured torso with a sparkly purple seashell bikini on it and flesh arms and hands. She has long red hair and a happy face complete with pink lipstick and eyelashes.

In 10516 Ariel's Magical Boat Ride, Ariel has the DUPLO dress piece in blue like Cinderella's, and underneath her dress she has plain blue legs. She has a blue torso that is meant to be the top of her dress with a small bit of skin showing at the top; blue arms; flesh hands; and the same face she has in 10515 with the same hair, exept with a blue bow printed on the back.


In 41050 Ariel's Amazing Treasures and 41063 Ariel's Undersea Palace, Ariel is a mermaid, and she has a new mermaid mini-doll leg piece in green, which is representing her tail. Her torso is light nougat with a sparkly purple seashell bikini top. She has long and wavy red hair and a happy face with red lipstick and long eyelashes.

In 41052 Ariel's Magical Kiss, Ariel uses the same head and hair-piece as her other mini-doll variation, but is dressed in a long light pink long-sleeved dress. Her torso piece shows parts of light nougat bare skin on her arms and neck. The top of her torso is lined with lavender printing and the end of the dress has sliver glitter printing.


Ariel is the youngest child of Triton, King of Alantica. Ariel and her friend Flounder collected "treasures" from the surface world and hid them in a grotto. King Triton was worried about his daughter's curiosity of the surface world. Ariel swims to the surface where her love of humans grew, after she rescued and fell in love with a prince named Eric of Denmark from a storm. He ordered his composer, a crab named Sebastian, to follow Ariel and Flounder to keep them from getting into trouble.

Ariel and Flounder with their treasures

After finding the treasure grotto King Triton destroyed it and forbid Ariel from communicating with humans. Refusing her father's wishes, Ariel made a deal with a sea witch named Ursula and traded her voice for a pair of legs so that she could meet Eric. If Ariel couldn't achieve the goal to be kissed by Eric within three days despite being mute, Ursula would not only keep her voice, but also take her soul. Ariel met Eric on land and he invited her to stay in the castle. Ariel shares a romantic boat ride with him, and almost kissed him but their kiss is stopped by Ursula's eels. Ursula who feared that Ariel will kiss Eric and disguised herself as a woman, Vanessa and charmed Eric to fall in love with her by using Ariel's voice. Ariel stopped their wedding at the end of the third day but was too late transformed back into a mermaid.

Ursula took Ariel back underwater where Triton begged her to spare Ariel, he sacrificed his soul so that his youngest daughter could live. Ursula took Triton's trident and crown and absorbs their power and grows humongous and attempted to kill Ariel. Eric arrived by boat and murdered Ursula before she could cause anymore chaos. With Ursula dead, Triton was returned to normal and he used his trident's magic to give Ariel legs so that she could live with Eric could be married.


  • Ariel is the first, and currently only, character to have both minifigure and mini-doll versions. She has also been released as a DUPLO figure, for extra mileage. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Ariel is a smart, independent and clever young mermaid with a beautiful singing voice, but she is also a daydreamer. She longs to visit the land above the surface of the ocean someday, even keeping a secret collection of mysterious objects from the human world. Her curiosity sometimes gets her into trouble with her father, King Triton, but it also leads her to great adventures both under and over the sea!


Mini-doll figure

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