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Captain Hook

Jake and the Never Land Pirates




Gold sword


2013, 2016

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Captain Hook is a Jake and the Never Land Pirates DUPLO figure released in 2013. Hook appeared as a minifigure in 2016.


Like all DUPLO figures, Captain Hook is all one piece. Captain Hook has a dark red pirate had with a white feather, out of the hat is long black hair. He has a light nougat face with black eyebrows, white eyes with black and white pupils, he has a pointy nose with a curly black moustache underneath, he has a smiling mouth showing his teeth and a grey beard surrounding it. He has a red torso which has a gold piece of fabric going across his chest he wears a white neck piece. He has red arms and in his left he has a light nougat hand and in the other he has a silver hook. He has dark red legs.


Captain James Hook is Never Land's the main antagonist of the Jake and the Never Land Pirates series. He has a galleon called "The Jolly Roger", and leads a pirate crew that consits of three members. The three protagonists of the show, Jake, Izzy, and Cubby encounter Hook and the pirates in their search for treasure. Description[edit]

Red2x2.png This is a description taken from Please do not modify it. Captain Hook leads a crooked band of pirates aboard his ship, the Jolly Roger. He has sworn revenge on Peter Pan for feeding his left hand to a crocodile, hence the hook that he has used to replace it. Hook is extremely sly and treacherous, but he runs away whenever he hears the tick-tock of the alarm clock in that hungry croc’s belly!


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