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Review:41051 Merida's Highland Games/Soupperson1

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Today I'm reviewing a new-ish set: 41051 Merida's Highland Games. This set is the second cheapest set of the Disney Princess theme. It comes with some new moulds! While reading keep in mind I'm a Disney Princess fan girl, so if the set isn't accurate I won't be a huge fan.


The Build[edit]

Mini-doll figure[edit]

400px Merida is included, and exclusive to this set. She has Andrea's hair in bright orange which is cool. I do not like the fact there's glitter on her dress, the dress is also not very detailed. Her face is the real problem, where are her freckles?, why is she wearing lipstick?, Ugh LEGO! Not one of their princesses (beside mermaid Ariel) is 90% movie accurate.

Merida's bros are the best part of this set. First off their mould are exclusive. They can be held by Merida. There's a hole in their head for a bow, even though they most likely will not appear again. Though these little bears are cute, I would've preferred Elinor. 3 of these bears included.

I also included the perfumes, I mean wisps with them, because they are technically characters. I would've preferred a trans blue micro figure with the rounded fire piece ( in trans blue ) coming out of its head. They're built the same way as a perfume bottle, where's the creativity LEGO? Anyway what's the point of including them if there's no witch cottage, or standing stones?

Side Builds[edit]

200px The first build is the second smallest and most bizarre. A cookie catapult, really? I do like how most girls will be introduced too the catapult viva this set. There's not much too it beside that, there's cookies in those azure corner pieces.

The second build is the river. Do we get an accurate reincarnation, yep(recollouring though)! Another reason why Elinor should've been in this set. The river is a nice and quick build. I like how they included the fish on a spit play feature too. The pieces are nice, but in brave they were not these colours. The colour pallet was very dark.

Yay a tree? As I've stated before trees in Disney Princess and friends are bizarrely two colours (cream and brown). There's also a printed mushroom and a sticker of a tree stump (with lavender tree rings, what?). The leafs are an odd greeny colour. My favorite part is the gold bow and arrow. Zelda sigfig anyone?

We also get a white target,rather then brown :S


We get the castle, as our main build. The castle is far too small and bright and colorful. The castle in the movie was grey There's a "hidden" key play feature. Three play features, that's the most for a "girl" set. Thankfully the key is grey, rather then pink. The "garden patch" outside is dying, as there's only four flowers. There's 3 details on the inside, 3! >:( Theres a torch for some reason, there's a table with pink legs and no chairs. What?! :S There's a sticker of the tapestry, which is nice. The pieces are okay the castle has lots of lavender pieces, for an unknown reason, there's also a fair amount of cream/tan. The castle also has no floor.


Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star half.svg Star gray.svg 3½ / 5
Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star half.svg Star gray.svg 3½ / 5
Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star half.svg Star gray.svg 3½ / 5
Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star gray.svg Star gray.svg 3 / 5
Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star half.svg Star gray.svg 3½ / 5
Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star half.svg Star gray.svg 3½ / 5

Overall, this is a okay set. The interior design of the castle it is awful. The rest of the design is okay, I love the spit. Merida looks horribly girly. The colours are also extremely inaccurate, I don't think the designer was allowed use the colours from the movie. I'm pretty sure she was told "make it brighter, girls like bright colours!". It is very quick to build. The set has okay parts. It's lavender bricks, Merida(par the face), the bears, the gold bow and arrow, the mushroom, and the lavender door are the exclusive/race parts. The price is another catch on this set. Since it is a licensed set, it has a bigger price tag than it should. At 19.99 USD, with 145 pieces it's a rip(it's 22 euro here!). Should you get it? If it goes on sale you should get it. If you want cream and lavender pieces you should get it g

Anyways, thanks for reading my review! I hope you liked it <3 Soup

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C*ilovrrThinking With Bricks

58 months ago
Score 0++
There actually was grey-tan in the movie. The castle looked light tan in some lighting conditions.

C*ilovrrThinking With Bricks

58 months ago
Score 0++
Hmm...Merida's face needs her freckles and no lipstick. Also, her dress did not have sparkles. It seemed to be dark teal [source?] in the movie.

BerrybrickLegendary Brickipedian

71 months ago
Score 0++

Yeah, I agree with your assessment here mostly. The colors are weird and Merida's mini-doll does not look much like Merida, sadly.

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