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Review:5004081 Plastic Man/Soupperson1

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Today I'm reviewing a winter 2014 set: 5004081 Plastic Man. The set is a pollybag, which is free when you buy LEGO Batman 3:Beyond Gotham while stocks last. So now you know the background lets start the review!:


The Build[edit]

It's 4 minifigure parts what else can you say? :P 3 of the 4 parts are exclusive so yay!


Plastic Man is one of the most underrated heroes in my opinion, and apparently in LEGO's too as they chose him for this set! They could've chose a safer choice like a batman suit or a villain like cheetah or firefly or even a suit for joker like they did in LEGO batman 2. Anyway I'm trilled we got a new hero as until 2015 LEGO DC's been very lacking in this medium. Anyway.. He has Superman's hair which fits him perfectly. His head has white sunglasses, which could be used on any generic flesh minifig. He also has a smiling face which I prefair on the heroes. His face is not double sided for those who are hopeful. He has very well printed front torso printing as well as back.

Though I don't think he needs a six pack, as he never has one in the comics from what I know. The rest of his torso printing is accurate including the yellow lineing to create a v-neck and he also has a yellow belt. He also has leg printing! And the third super hero to have it! (After Wonder Woman and Superman) Apparently Plastic Man is the only man who isn't afraid to wear boots. His boots are lined with yellow at the front and side! Appeartly LEGO didn't learn their lesson with Wonder Woman as because his boots are black so are the back of his legs. His legs are quite stiff though compared to the regular minifigure. My boyfriend brought up the idea that it'd been cooler to see Plastic Man with Woody's long arms and legs but that would require a new long red arm mould which unfortunately won't happen :( But as it is Plastic Man is a great figure.


Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star half.svg 4½ / 5
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Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg 5 / 5
Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star half.svg 4½ / 5

Overall, this is a great set! Though its free so you can't really complain. Because it's only a fig it doesn't have any great playability on its own, but add him to another set and yay! I'd probally give it a 5 if he had a bother face and no six pack. Anyways, thanks for reading my review! I hope you liked it <3 Soup

Plastic Man with the official set Justice League, so far. (I have Martin Manhunter but he's preety rare, so I didn't include him).

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BerrybrickLegendary Brickipedian

63 months ago
Score 0++
I wasn't able to order LB3 in time (I just did about five minutes ago :P ) so I hope that he pulls a Martian Manhunter and appears in his classic costume in a set later on. The boots are cool and the torso is okay, but I don't like the face that much. I like Plas, but I'm not too bothered that I don't own him. I'll see about getting him loose, I guess, but some of these promotional minifigures go for awful prices.

Soupperson1Brick Master

63 months ago
Score 0++
P eh you know you can buy a pack with him as long as stocks last? I'd cancel my preorder and go looking if I were you
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