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Review:41032 First Aid Jungle Bike/Soupperson1

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Today I'm reviewing a summer 2014 set: 41032 First Aid Jungle Bike. This set is a 15€/$ Friends set. As promised I am planning to review all the jungle sets week by week, this is week two. Will this set be a good one? On to this weeks review(by the way the new reviews come out every Wednesday or Thursday):


The Build[edit]

Mini-doll figure and animal[edit]

Emma is the mini-doll of choice here. Her hair and head are nothing new, though she does come with a rare magenta motor helmet, which can be switched. Appeartly we need to teach girls about wearing helmets on motorbikes, but not regular bikes, the ones they accutally ride. :/

Emma's torso is nice, an olivie-ish colour. Her torso is exclusive, it'll probally remain that way unless there's more jungle sets. Emma wears the not exclusive but rare-ish pink shorts. She includes a handful of accessories the Amber wailkie talkie, the blue needle, the doctor/vet's bag, a shovel and the helmet.

Unfortunately we get such a common animal. The orangatang appears in three sets in the summer wave, and this isn't the cheapest way to achieve her. She appears in an animal pack for pete's sake! Could've we not gotten a brown monkey for this jungle theme, and left Juliet (the monkey's name) exclusive to the animal pack.


The side build here is a bike, a motorbike. :O I don't know anything about motorbikes so I won't compare it to reality. It's azure and exclusive though :D It also has a sidecar attached to it, for the monkey to rest. All the accessories can be fit here on the bike as well so yay!

The Cave/Grassy Area[edit]

We get a tree, like I've stated before Friends trees are awful. They're weird mix matches of colours, but at least here we get some dark orange pieces! The leaves of the tree, include those lime sword leafs, which appear in every retail jungle set. Also Appeartly someone found this tree before and left it with a tan box. In the box there's a banana. Beside the tree there's a mushroom, yay teaching girls to pick possibly poisonous plants from the ground and eating them!

Beside the mushroom of doom there's the cave of doom. I think the cave looks preety cute. In front of the cave there's some really ugly foliage, I mean like really ugly! The cave has two play features one incorages animal abuse! You turn the lime knob (which is semi-rare) and four 1x1s fall down and insure the poor monkey. But luckily Emma is here in her skimpy outfit and colourful bike to save the day! :D Yay. The other play feature allows you to open a secret door at the back of the cave. Your rewarded with nothing :/


Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star gray.svg 4 / 5
Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star gray.svg 4 / 5
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Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star gray.svg 4 / 5
Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star yellow.svg Star gray.svg 4 / 5

Overall, this is a great set! The play features are nice, and a great inclusion in the world of Friends. The pieces are preety decent too. The price is good for the amount of pieces we get. Though if you have the orangatang prolly bag, you could probally skip this set. Anyways, thanks for reading my review! I hope you liked it <3 Soup

P.S. Please comment on which Friends review you want to see next, new review every week!

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IchindarBrick Master

64 months ago
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Nice review, but not an interesting set :P

Soupperson1Brick Master

64 months ago
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I only finished reviewing it now, how did you read it before? :P mabey I can change your opinion now?
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