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The Robot Chronicles

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The Robot Chronicles

Racers, Agents, City



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The Robot Chronicles is a game on It is part of the Agents, City and Racers themes. It is also connected to My LEGO Network.


The Robot Chronicles can be accessed through,, and The first mission varies depending on the site. If you access it through, then the first mission is an Agents mission; if on, then it is a Racers mission; etc. The object of the game is to unlock all vehicles by completing all missions. Once 100% completion is attained, then Doctor Inferno's robot , is unlocked.


  • Mechanic Stefands
  • Fire Chief Bern
  • Dr. Stitch
  • Police Chief Warner


  • During certain parts in the game, there are scenes of minifigures talking in the minifigure language.
  • If Doctor Inferno's robot is defeated in the game and afterwards a mission is played in the city's outer limits, then the robot is unleashed on LEGO City again.
  • Dr. Inferno's Forces' high speed jeeps and inferno bike can be unlocked, earned by being 1st in the Speed Inferno Challenge and Outriders Challenge. They can shoot Agents to unlock the slime chopper (100 Agent vehicles destroyed). If 100% completion is achieved (all other vehicles unlocked), the robot can be played
  • At the start of the game, the main section of the city is barricaded as roadblocks block all the bridges. After the Agents defeat Inferno these roadblocks are lifted, allowing access to the rest of the city. HOWEVER, it is possible to access the rest of the city BEFORE the roadblocks are lifted. IF no Agents missions are played and the player gets 1st place in the Speed Inferno Challenge, the High Speed Jeep is unlocked but the barricades remain. By switching between the Jeep and emergency vehicles (see below), it is possible to destroy 100 Agents and unlock the Slime Chopper before the roadblocks are lifted, and by flying over a "LEGO" garage building one can actually drive on the ground outside the roadblocks.
    File:Slime Chopper Glitch TRB.jpg
    Having unlocked the Slime Chopper, the player flew to Fairwind Estates, where he found a garage to change into a ground vehicle.
    Since the roadblocks are still in place, all districts outside the city lack NPCs, and mission areas aren't unlocked (because the roadblocks are still in place. However, all garages are unlocked), so the player will be the only vehicle out there.
File:Photo 2.jpg
Alone outside the city, the player's Dune Buggy looks into the barricaded city.
  • The struggle between the Agents and Inferno's troops actually seems to affect and be affected by the "health" of the city. For example, if the player takes control of a High Speed Jeep and shoots a few Agents, fires start to appear all over the City as do Inferno's troops. If the player then takes control of a Fire Truck and puts out all the fires, Agents forces appear and the Inferno's troop's disappear. Likewise, playing as Agents increases the number of Agents vehicles and decreases "emergencies", whilst not doing anything causes a cycle of a period of more "emergencies" and more of Inferno's vehicles followed by a sudden increase in "emergency" fighting vehicles (see below) and an increase also in Agents forces. In this way, a balance is reached.
  • Similarly, the City itself seems to be able to specialize vehicles to appear- for example if 10 races occur back-to- back and the city's streets are layered in skid marks, Front-End Loaders and Recycle Trucks suddenly start appearing more than other vehicles, and in no time the streets are clean. Likewise, if dozens of fires suddenly consume the city and the player does not put them out him/herself, Fire Trucks will suddenly appear and put out the fires.

Cheat Codes[edit]

Here are all the known cheat codes:

  • Spawn - Makes you change into any car (or copter) you want, even in missions!
  • Deflect - Shields X3
  • Sabotage - Slows down enemies to 75%
  • Micro - Makes all cars and copters tiny (even YOU).
  • Ghost - Makes you drive through buildings and solid objects. It also allows you to drive over water.
  • Icerink - Allows you to turn while still.
  • Doom - Makes city darker.
  • Ctrlaltdel - Resets all codes.
  • Bright - Toyland
  • Credits - Gives you the game's credits link.


These are the missions in game

  • Speed Inferno Challenge-The player races around the city central using the dune buggy, desert buggy, ice rally, rally racer (requires unlock) and the thunder racer (requires unlock)
  • Infestation-The player has to defeat the high speed jeeps using agents vehicles 4-wheelin, quad bike (requires unlock) and rocket cycle (requires unlock).
  • Towing The Line-Tow and send back the broken down vehicles using the tow truck and the heavy duty tow truck (requires unlock)
  • Battle For The Skies-Shoot down the slime choppers using the aerial defense unit and the supersonic jet (requires unlock)
  • Outriders Challenge-Race around the city outskirts with turns and jumps using the desert buggy, thunder racer, lightning racer (requires unlock), monster crusher (requires unlock) and the police monster truck (requires unlock).
  • Crane Quest-Fix the crane by towing the parts back to the plane with the coastguard helicopter (requires unlock) and the helicopter transport.
  • The Fall Of The Robot-Lead the robot into a trap using the extreme wheelie. After completed, the mission cannot be played unless the robot reappears.