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Agent Charge

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This article is about the Agents member. For the Alpha Team member, see Charge.
Agent Charge

    Agents 2.0


Hair (Body armour)


Medium stone grey pistol
Dark stone grey body armour
Silver helmet (transparent yellow visor)



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Agent Charge is an Agents minifigure introduced in 2008.



Agent Charge has short, tousled reddish brown hairpiece, depicting a buzzcut. His head is bright yellow. It depicts a smirk, with downward-slanted, bushy eyebrows (at the same level, one depicting scars) over two eyes. It also depicts an angry mouth baring teeth, with one corner higher up than the other. Under one of Charge's eyes, there is a dimple. The rest of his face depicts reddish brown stubble. His torso is earth blue with bright yellowish green and black designs on it. The arms are both earth blue have and have dark stone grey hands. In the upper left corner is the Agents symbol, a cool silver targeting scope with dark stone grey crosshairs and a bright yellowish green A over it. Charge's legs are earth blue with a vertical stripe on each one. The stripe is cool silver, with bright yellowish green inside of it and black outlining it. The hips are dark stone grey with cool silver, black and bright yellowish green printing. On the left leg is a cool silver rectangular ID tag. It has a picture of a black minifigure head and torso on the left, and has three small horizontal lines next to that.


This variant is the same as the previous variant, but instead of having hair on his head, Charge has a silver helmet with a transparent yellow visor.

Body armour

This variant is the same as the variant with hair; however, there is a dark stone grey piece between Charge's head and neck that represents body armour.


Agent Charge on his rocket-cycle with the treasure map

Agent Charge is a member of an elite team of crime-fighting not-so-secret-agents, the Agents, based in LEGO City. Doctor Inferno, an evil genius who tries to take over the world and bring the Agents to an end, rose up and created his own criminal organisation. One of Dr. Inferno's first known schemes was to send his henchman, Break Jaw, to set up a base in a swamp and search for a treasure map. Break Jaw eventually found the map, which led to a temple that was said to have dozens of gold bars stored in it. The Agents became aware of the plot and sent Agent Charge to recover the map. Charge succeeded in his mission, but Break Jaw got away with the location of the treasure. After several missions involving other agents, Dr. Inferno's location was finally revealed, and he was captured by Agent Chase, Agent Charge, Agent Fuse, and Agent Trace. Agent Charge then incarcerated Inferno in the Agents' Mobile Command Centre. However, Inferno's henchmen, Spy Clops and Gold Tooth, created a plan to break out Inferno. Spy Clops broke into the vehicle and freed Inferno. In the ensuing fight, the Agents, including Agent Charge, fought off the attackers. Agent Fuse, in his stealth plane, engaged in a dogfight with Gold Tooth, who was piloting a hover-jet. However, Fuse failed to stop him from escaping; Dr. Inferno stole an Agents jet-boat and escaped as well.

After escaping, Inferno sent Break Jaw and Slime Face on a mission to recover sunken treasure. After learning about Inferno's new plan, Agent Chase and Agent Charge went on a mission to recover the treasure chest first. After exiting the submarine piloted by Agent Charge, Chase was spotted by Slime Face. Break Jaw fired at the submarine, but missed. It is unknown what happened in the ensuing fight. Sometime after this mission, Dr. Inferno's base was destroyed.

Dr. Inferno, however, survived the destruction of his base. Sometime after that, Agent Chase, Agent Charge, and Agent Swift discovered the Magma Commander's secret base and his legion of remote-controlled Magma Drones. Using their new Aerial Defence Unit, they destroyed the satellite dish controlling the Magma Drones, neutralising the threat and saving the city once again.


  • An official image of the set 8630 Mission 3: Gold Hunt shows Agent Charge, rather than Agent Fuse (the minifigure actually included in the set) piloting the supersonic jet.
  • Agent Charge and Agent Swipe are the only two Agents that do not have a double-sided head.
  • Agent Charge has the same name as the Alpha Team agent Charge.
  • A variant of Agent Charge's head has appeared in many Kingdoms sets. The face is almost identical, but has less and more sparse facial hair, and lacks a dimple near one of Charge's eyes. However, Charge's actual head was recycled for use on the Dragon Bishop in 853373 Kingdoms Chess Set.


Gallery of variants[edit]

HairHair (Body armour)Helmet


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Dark stone grey body armour
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