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Break Jaw

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Break Jaw
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Break Jaw is an Agents minifigure introduced in 2008. He is a henchman of Dr. Inferno.


Break Jaw wears a metallic silver helmet with an underbite. He has the standard orange and black zip-suit of an Inferno Henchman.


Break Jaw is a henchman of Dr. Inferno. After Saw Fist failed to deliver a stolen energy crystal to Dr. Inferno, his next plan was to get his thug, Break Jaw, to bring him a treasure map from deep within a swamp. Agent Charge managed to steal the map back, but before he could get to it, Break Jaw escaped on his jet-ski. Despite not having the map, Break Jaw somehow managed to inform Inferno of the location of the gold, hidden in a temple deep within a jungle. Inferno then sent Gold Tooth to steal gold from the ruins for funds, which he did not succeed in. Some time later, Dr. Inferno had Break Jaw execute Agent Trace by feeding her to cyborg laser sharks. However, Agent Chase managed to rescue her by trapping the sharks in fishing nets, firing his harpoon at the buoy she was suspended on and using it to get over to her. Break Jaw was pre-occupied and did not notice Agent Chase until after he had freed Trace. The Agents did not attempt to capture Break Jaw, leaving him behind in the stormy, shark-infested waters with only a jet-ski. Break Jaw again managed to escape. Dr. Inferno once again assigned Break Jaw to a mission, this time to the recovery of a sunken, jewel-filled treasure chest. The Agents attempted to stop Break Jaw, who was manning a boat, and his new superior, Slime Face. Break Jaw fired several torpedoes at the Agents' submarine in an attempt to stop them from taking the treasure chest. What happened to Break Jaw after his final mission is unknown, although it is presumed he was captured.


  • Break Jaw appears to have been inspired by the character "Jaws" from the James Bond film series. In the films, Jaws had steel-covered teeth very similar to Break Jaw's.



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