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Agent Swift

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Agent Swift

    Agents 2.0


Black pistol
Dark stone grey body armour



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Agent Swift is an Agents 2.0 minifigure introduced in 2009. She has only appeared in one set, 8971 Aerial Defense Unit.


Agent Swift has a black hairpiece in the style of a bobcut. Her head is is bright yellow and double-sided. On one side, it depicts a smirk and red lipstick, with reddish brown thin, raised eyebrows over two eyes with eyelashes. A small microphone is printed on the far right side of the face. The other side displays a scared face, with lowered eyebrows (at the same level) and a mouth with red lipstick, baring white teeth, and the small microphone. When the hair is placed over the head, one of these faces is covered. Her torso is earth blue with bright yellowish green and black designs on it. The arms are both earth blue have and have dark stone grey hands. In the upper left corner is the Agents symbol, a cool silver targeting scope with dark stone grey crosshairs and a bright yellowish green A over it. Swift's legs are earth blue with a vertical stripe on each one. The stripe is cool silver, with bright yellowish green inside of it and black outlining it. The hips are dark stone grey with cool silver, black and bright yellowish green printing. On the left leg is a cool silver rectangular ID tag. It has a picture of a black minifigure head and torso on the left, and has three small horizontal lines next to that.


Agent Swift is a member of an elite team of crime-fighting not-so-secret-agents, the Agents, based in LEGO City. Doctor Inferno, an evil genius who tries to take over the world and bring the Agents to an end, rose up and created his own criminal organisation. One of his schemes involved having one of his henchmen, the Magma Commander, unleash a legion of Magma Drones upon LEGO City. The Agents became aware of this plot and used their Aerial Defence Unit, piloted by Agent Charge, to fly to the Magma Commander's mountaintop base outside of LEGO City. Agent Chase and Agent Swift were lowered down to the Magma Commander's base and fought off Magma Drones; Agent Charge did the same from the Aerial Defence Unit, firing at the Magma Drones that were descending the mountain. The Agents eventually destroyed the satellite dish controlling the Magma Drones, neutralising the threat and saving the city.


  • She is the second female Agent, after Agent Trace. They both use the same face.
  • She is one of two Agents to appear in only one set, the other being Agent Swipe.