00-2 Weetabix Promotional House 1

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Weetabix Promotional House 1
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00- 2 Weetabix Promotional House 1 is a Promotional LEGOLAND set released in 1976. Included in the set was a two story house built on a 8 x 24 green baseplate with a fenced front yard. There was also a tree and a small car with a LEGOLAND Minifigure included. The house and car are micro-scale, despite the minifigure included.



The house is built on a green 8x16 baseplate. The house is mostly white, red and black with a few pieces in blue. There are two stories. The first has black walls, a large window in the middle with a canopy over it, a door on the right and an arched opening on the right. The second story's walls are white and it has two bay windows on either side and a recessed middle. The bays each have a double window while the middle has a smaller single one. The roof is black and has two chimneys, which have a 1x2 white brick each having two red 1x1 cylinders on top. The right side of the house has a fenced in yard, the fence is white and has a working gate. To the left of the house is a green pine tree.


The car measures 4x8 and is yellow with a black roof and red wheels. It has transparent windshield and windows and a 1x4 brick on the front with lights and a grille printed on it.


The minifigure has black legs, a white torso, yellow head and a red hairpiece with braids.



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